RRB NTPC Reasoning Questions Asked on 28th March 2016

1.         Find the odd one out:

            Ostrich, Crow, Pigeon, Sparrow

            A. Ostrich

            B. Pigeon

            C. Crow

            D. Sparrow

3.         Pick the odd one out:

            28, 44, 68, 80, 92

            A. 28

            B. 44

            C. 80

            D. 92

6.         If TEACHER: BOOKS, DOCTOR:?

            A. Chalk

            B. Cycle

            C. Stethoscope

            D. Apron

9.         Mohan is taller than Rohan but shorter than Farhan. Kannan is shorter than Mohan but taller than Rohan. Shankar is taller than Rohan and Farhan. Who is the tallest?

            A. Mohan

            B. Farhan

            C. Shankar

            D. Kannan

10.       In a running race, if you overtake the last but one contestant, which position are you in?

            A. Last

            B. Second from last

            C. Third from last

            D. Fourth from last

24.       In the following number series, one missing term is shown by '?'. Choose the missing term from the option below.

            6, 12, 20, 30, ?, 56, 72

            A. 40

            B. 42

            C. 44

            D. 48