RRB NTPC GK Questions Asked on 28th March 2016

83.       Emperor Ashoka was the successor of?

            A. Chandragupta Maurya

            B. Bindusara

            C. Susima

            D. Dasharatha

84.       The dance form kuchipudi originated from which part of India?

            A. Tamil Nadu

            B. Maharashtra

            C. Andhra Pradesh

            D. Odisha

85.       Who is believed to have built the Konark Temple?

            A. Raja Kulothunga

            B. Narasimha Deva I

            C. Vishnugopa

            D. Mahipala

71.       From the following which is an example of a single celled organism?

            A. Protozoa

            B. Anthropods

            C. Echinoderms

            D. Annelids

62.       Which among the below choices can cause a Tsunami (also known as harbor wave)

            A. Under sea earthquakes

            B. Typhoon

            C. Volcanic eruptions on land

            D. Drought

60.       The Rowlatt Act was passed in which year?

            A. 1919

            B. 1921

            C. 1923

            D. 1916

52.       Who invented Penicillin?

            A. Ian Fleming

            B. Alexander Fleming

            C. Stephen Hawking

            D. Alexander Graham Bell

53.       Aruna Asaf Ali is remembered for hoisting the Indian National Congress Flag at

            A. Non–Cooperation Movement

            B. Civil Disobedience Movement

            C. Self–rule Movement

            D. Quit India Movement