Reasoning Questions for RRB NTPC

30.       Which number will be in the middle if the following numbers are arranged in descending order?

            4456, 4465, 4655, 4665, 4565

            A. 4456

            B. 4465

            C. 4565

            D. 4655

33.       If 'A' is the son of 'B' and is the father of 'C', how is 'B' is related to 'C'?

            A. Father

            B. Son

            C. Grandparent

            D. Grandchild

36.       Unscranble the letters 'CCITRKE' to form an English word and find the fifth letter of the unscrambled word?

            A. C

            B. K

            C. E

            D. I

39.       Rajiv said, pointing to a girl, "She is the only daughter of the father of my sister's brother". If so how is the girl related to Rajiv?

            A. Mother

            B. Aunt

            C. Sister

            D. Sister–in–law

41.       Arrange the following word in alphabetical order and find the third word?

            Singer, Single, Sinister, Simple

            A. Single

            B. Singer

            C. Sinister

            D. Simple