GK Questions for RRB Group D

45.       The function of the lens in our eyes is to

            A. Cover the eyes

            B. Send messages of images to the brain

            C. Change the focal distance of the eye

            D. Protects eyes from injury.

46.       How many moons does the planet Mars have

            A. 1

            B. 2

            C. 3

            D. 4

47.       In India who is the executive head of the state?

            A. Prime Miniter

            B. The President

            C. The Chief justice of Supreme Court

            D. The Governor

49.       Which is the capital of Cyprus?

            A. Nicosia

            B. Polis

            C. Lamaca

            D. Araddipou

27.       With which sport is Karnam Malleswari associated?

            A. Tennis

            B. Swimming

            C. Athletics

            D. Weightlifting

28.       Which was the first satellite to orbit our Moon?

            A. Luna 2

            B. Luna 10

            C. Apollo 10

            D. Apollo 11

25.       When was the Indian Constitution amended for the first time?

            A. 1949

            B. 1951

            C. 1952

            D. 1953

23.       In which state is Karla, famous for its Buddhist caves, located?

            A. Maharashtra

            B. Uttar Pradesh

            C. Uttarakhand

            D. Madhya Pradesh

17.       Arteries carry blood, that is filled with

            A. Oxygen

            B. Carbon dioxide

            C. Toxins

            D. Lipids

18.       Which of this is not a memorial to a dead person?

            A. Bibi ka Maqbara

            B. Taj Mahal

            C. Charminar

            D. Itmad Ud Daulah

11.       What was the name of Maharaha Pratap's horse?

            A. Bulbul

            B. Chetak

            C. Hayagriva

            D. Badal

7.         In BRICS, which country is denoted by 'B'?

            A. Bangladesh

            B. Belgium

            C. Brazil

            D. Bahram

5.         Which river used to be called the 'Sorrow of Bengal?

            A. Brahmaputra

            B. Hooghly

            C. Bhagirathi

            D. Damodar