50 Coding and Decoding Questions

1)   if wealth is coded as 69 then what will prosperity be coded as

2)   if test is coded as 64, then exam is coded as

3)   if heavy is coded as 74158 then what is code for load?

4)   if reylo is coded as 97499 then what is the code for pens?

5)   if red is coded as 27 and blue is coded as 40 then what will be the code for green

6)   if hen is coded as 52 then pan will be coded as

7)   if hello is coded as 35 and honest is coded as 48 then historic is coded as

8)   if late is coded as 38 then what is the code for make

9)   if hotel is coded as 60 then how is plant coded as

10)                   if road is coded as 38 then light can be coded as

11)                   if in some coding do is 35 then done is

12)                   if price is coded as 11 9 18 24 22 then high is coded as

13)                   if k is coded as 11 and king is coded as 41 what would be the code for tap

14)                   if consumer is coded as mnbtsfn then october is coded as

15)                   if hotel is coded as fmrcj then what is the code for pitch

16)                   if hotel is coded as 12 how will you code bore

17)                   if cable is coded as 10891912 then how is dear coded as

18)                   If exam is coded as fybn then test is coded as

19)                   if garment is written as 202691422137, how is indulge written in that code

20)                   if earth can be coded as 'iusbf' how can globe be coded

21)                   if seasonal is written as essanola how can separate be written in that code

22)                   if go=32 , she=49 then some will be equal to

23)                   if paper is coded as 71759 then government will be coded as

24)                   if a = 1, and = 19 then bat = ?

25)                   if thread is coded as zwandp then wpeio would be the code for

26)                   if cat is coded as 3120, what code number can be given to navin?

27)                   if a is coded as 2, b as 3 and soon, what is the code for face ?

28)                   in a certain code lion is coded as 50 how is bird written in that code

29)                   if right is coded as pgefr then what is the code for left

30)                   if flat is coded as 1440 and clat is coded as 720 then what is brat coded as

31)                   in a certain code flower is written as psaivj how is curtain written in that code

32)                   in a certain code course is written as esruoc how can breath be written in that code

33)                   if jacob can be written as qzxly the kendy can be written as

34)                   in a certain code 'sequence' is coded as 'fdofvrft. how is 'children' coded?

35)                   if "certain" is coded as "xvigzrm", "sequence" is coded as "hvjfvmxv", how"required" be coded?

36)                   IF 'CARING' is coded as 'EDVGKC' and SHARES is coded as 'UKEPVO' how will CASKET be coded as in the same code?

37)                   in a certain code language parking inside the gate is coded as

38)                   in a coded language, brinjal is written as lajnirb. how will ladyfinger be written in that code?

39)                   if a is 1, b is 3, c is 5, d is 7, e is 9 and so on how will you spell ''beat'' ?

40)                   if cancelled = 27 and postponement = 36 then revive = ?

41)                   if bag = 30 and bad = 21, then deed

42)                   in a certain code, 'builder' is written as jvcksfe. how is 'sealing' written in that same code?

43)                   In a certain code language 'LIEUTENANT' is written as 1232212021411420, then how 'MANGO' can be written in that code language?

44)                   if the word 'tablecloth' is coded as 'xemranrixt', how can 'hotel' be coded

45)                   if democratic is written as edmorcatci, how continuous will be written in the same code?

46)                   if 'dear' is coded as 'fgct', then how will 'read' be coded as?

47)                   if water is written as 'ycvgt' , then what is written as 'hktg

48)                   if glossory' is coded as 97533562 and geography' = 915968402, then 'geology' can be coded as

49)                   in a certain code, 'late' is written as 'vgzo'. how will 'shine' be written in that same code?

50)                   in a certain code p is #, a is %, c is $ and e is @. how is peace written in that code

51)                   in a certain code, sober is written as rnadq. how lotus can be written in that code?

52)                   If 'DELHI' is coded as 73541 and 'CALCUTTA' as 82589662, how can 'CALICUT' be coded?

53)                   in a code language if 'player is coded as 119 then how will 'options' be coded in the same language

54)                   if 'musical' is written as 'kwqkacj', then how can 'sprinkle' be written?

55)                   in a certain code, 'mouse' is written as 'pruqc'. how is 'shift' written in that same code?

56)                   in a certain code, 'clock' is written as 'xolxp'. how will 'lotus' be written in that same code?

57)                   if word is coded as tloa then phrase is coded as

58)                   if in a certain code daughter' is written as 'terdaugh how will 'aptitude' be written in that code

59)                   if meat is written as team then bale is written

60)                   if ace is coded as 226 then edge is coded as

61)                   In a certain code, "TRILOGY" is written as "HQSMXFN". How is "CREDITS" written in that code?

62)                   if lofty is coded as lpfuy, then dwarf will be written as