Daily current affairs questions and Answers [22 August 2020]

1. Name of the UAVs employed by the Indian Railway for surveillance?
Answer: option B
Solution: after Anna aerial vehicles employed by the Indian Railways for civilians as Ninja the UAVs will help in ensuring empowered coronavirus and security in areas of railway like railway track sexual premises of the station, workshops and yards.
2. Ecommerce platform established academic collaboration with IIT Patna?
A. Amazon
B. Snap deal
C. Flipkart
D. eBay
Answer: option C
Solution: P commerce platform, Flipkart has signed the Memorandum of understanding with the Indian Institute of Technology partner on 19 August 2020 to collaborate and create and industries focused applied research in the field of natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
3. Who has been appointed as the new Governed of Meghalaya?
A. B.D. Mishra

B. Phagu Chauhan
C. Jagadish Mukul
D. Satya pal Malik
Answer: option D
Solution: Satyapal Malik has been appointed as the new governor of the Northeastern state of Meghalaya civil service serving as a doctor of and was transferred to legislate to replace Tathagat Roy who completed his five-year term.
4. The police of which state has signed and m o u withdrawal Institute of Ayurveda?
A. Uttarakhand
B. Puducherry
C. Rajasthan
D. Delhi
Answer: option D
Solution: police of Delhi helpline All India Institute of Ayurveda autonomous Institute under the ministry of Ayush.
5. Who has been elected as the new President of the Dominican Republic?
A. Luis Abinader
B. Danilo Madina
C. Hipolito Mejia
D. Jacobo Majlute Azar
Answer: option A
Solution: Luis Abinader has been elected as the 54th president of the Dominican Republic Day is from the modern Revolutionary party and won the 2020 Republic general election held the office on 16 August 2020, from Danilo Madina.
6. Who has been appointed as the chairman of the fertilizer Association of India of Southern Region?
A. Rakesh kaput
B. Jaiveer srivastava
C. Kishor Rungta
D. Kristein Jensen
Answer: option C
Solution: Kishore Rungta has been appointed as the chairman of the fertilizer Association of India the fertilizer Association of India represents the manufacturer in portage distributed Research Institute equipment manufacturers and suppliers of inputs of fertilizers.
7. Which ministry will implement The "Tribe Food Project"?
A. Ministry of food processing industry
B. Of Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution
C. Ministry of Science and Technology
D. Ministry of Tribal Affairs
Answer: option D
Solution : tribal Cooperative marketing development Federation of India under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs will implement the "Trifood project "The government also Virtually Monster try territory processing Centre of "trifood project".
8. It has been ranked at the first position in the swachh survekshan 2020' ranking?
A. Guwahati
B. Indore
C. Kolkata
D. Karnataka
Answer : option B
Solution: the city of India has become the cleanest city in India for the fourth time in Morocco and has stopped the swachh survekshan 2020.The awards are the fifth edition of the annual cleanliness Survey of India.
9. Who has been appointed as chief executive officer of NPCI international payments Limited?
A. Ritesh shukla
B. Dilip Ashe
C. Biswamohan Mahapatra
D. Deepak Kumar
Answer: option A
Solution: Priti Shukla has been appointed as the chief executive officer of NPCI International payments Limited wholly owned subsidiary of national payment Corporation of India which will focus on taking the in which in years developed offering and technological assessment of a country to the foreign market and internationalize them.
10. When is the International Day of remembrance and tribute to the victims of terrorism observed?
A. 19 August
B. 20 August
C. 22 August
D. 21 August
Answer: option D
Solution: National Day of remembrance and tribute to the victims of terrorism is observed on 21 August annually to pay respect and Rises to the individuals who have been in short and have lost their lives in terrorist attacks across the globe.

Author : Priya Gowga ( Bangalore)