Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answers [21 August 2020]

1. On which day world Humanitarian day observed every year?
A. 19th August
B. 18th August
C. 17th August
D. 16th August
Answer: option A
Solution : observe 2019 it is celebrated to apna column and row to have sacrificed their life working for humanitarian causes it was announced the day celebrated on 19 August every night and Nations General Assembly as part of the Swades sponsored GA resolution.
2. Who has penned down the book titled "full spectrum: India"s wars ,1972-2020?
A. Ajith Bhavnani
B. Arjun Subramaniam
C. Prithvi Singh Brar
D. Harjith Singh Arora
Answer: option B
Solution: Arjun Subramanian a retired air vice Marshal has signed down the book title to Spectrum India war 1972- 2020 which explains the comprehensive account of War and conflict in contemporary India over the past five decades this book is a continuation of the previous book India's war and military history 1947 -1971.
3. Which bank has appointed Ashwani Kumar Shukla as its chief risk officer ?
A. Union Bank of India
B. Punjab National Bank
C. Canara Bank
D. Central Bank of India
Answer : option D
Solution: Ashwani Kumar Shukla has been appointed as the chief risk officer (CRO) of the Central Bank of India. He has over 35 years of diversifying experience in banking before he was appointed as chief risk officer he was working as General Manager of risk management department of State Bank of India.
4. The 14th India-UAE joint Commission meeting will take place in____?
A. Delhi
B. Abu Dhabi
C. Dubai
D. Bangalore
Answer: option B
Solution: the 14th India UAE excellent this and the date will be decided by the two countries through diplomatic channels. Cadbury Shankar and steel Corporation of the United Arab Emirates, sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayad Al Nahyan.
5. Which institute has topped the Atal ranking of Institutions on innovation achievement(ARIIA) 2020?
A. IISC Bengaluru
B. IIT Delhi
C. IIT Madras
D. IIT Mumbai
Answer: option C
Solution: the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has secured rank-1 in the Atal Ranking of institutions on innovation achievements, (ARIIA) 2020 .it has been declared the best Institute under the national importance category.
6. Angela Buxton ,who passed away recently was associated with which soprt?
A. Wrestling
B. Cricket
C. Hockey
D. Tennis
Answer : option D
Solution: Angela Buxton , who passed away recently was associated with Tennis .she was a British tennis player. she achieved the woman's doubles title at both the Wimbledon and French Championships in 1956 with Althea Gibson , her playing partner.
7. Which bank has partnered with the state government of Andhra Pradesh for empowering 15000 village secretaries with UPI?
A. Federal Bank
B. Canara bank
C. Bank of Baroda
D. Indian overseas bank
Answer: option B
Solution: Canara Bank collaborated with the national payment corporation of and the state government of Andhra Pradesh for the promo social inclusion and improving access to digital mode of payment in 15000 secretariat. and the initiative will empower 15000 secretary with the unified payments interface which will pave the way for customers to play in a safe instant and Easy mode for their day-to-day transactions.
8. Which country has launched the innovation challenge fund' of 3 million pounds in India?
A. United kingdom
B. United Arab Emirates
C. Spain
D. France
Answer: option A
Solution: The UK has launched the innovation challenge fund of 3 million pounds in U.K to India. Those initiative has been taken by the U.K to India in order to support scientists in industry and academia to handle climate change and COVID -19 pandemic.
9. Which ministry has launched the 'ALEKH' portal?
A. Ministry Of Commerce and industry
B. Ministry of defence
C. Ministry of Tribal Affair
D. Ministry of Ayush
Answer: option C
Solution: 'ALEKH' portal has been launched step for sizing of commitment to improving the well being of a tribal community it is a quarterly newsletter on health and nutrition and will exhibit the work of different stakeholders or their shareholders involved in improving the health and nutrition of the tribe.
10. Farmer Shin commissioner will join the asian Development bank has a new vice president?
A. Ashok Lavasa
B. Sunil Arora
C. K.M Nurul Huda
D. S.P. Sen Verma
Answer: option A
Solution: Ashok Lavasa , a 1980 batch LAS officer Haryana cadre former election commissioner, will join the Philippines based Asian Development Bank has a new vice president he retired as state finance secretary in 2017.

Author: Priya Gowda(Bangalore)