Current affairs quiz [25 August 2020]

1. The new logo of the labour Buteau does not display which of the following qualities ?

A. Accuracy
B. Validity
C. Globalisation
D. Reliability
Answer: option C
Solution: the new logo of the Labour Bureau double October I like the new logo a state for labour and employee Santosh Gangwar and it depicts the three goals of Labour Bureau in the production of quality data that is accuracy ,reliability and validity .
2. Which institution has signed an Moi with HELP logistics for the development of humanitarian logistics in India?
A. IIM Kozhikode
B. IIM Lucknow
C. IIM Ahemadabad
D. IIM Jammu and Kashmir.
Answer : option A
Solution: Indian institute of management Kozhikode signed a memorandum of understanding with the help of Logistic based in Switzerland.
3. Who among the following has been conferred with the DRONACHARYA Award in the lifetime category for hockey?
A. Shri Krishnan kumar Hooda
B. Shri Romesh pathania
C. Shri Vijay Bhalchandra munishwar
D. Shri Naresh Kumar
Answer: option B
Solution: Romesh Pathania has been conferred with Dronacharya Award in the lifetime capital for hockey official name of Dronacharya Award as doughnut award for outstanding coaches in sports and games.
4. When is world senior citizen day observed?
A. 19 August
B. 23 August
C. 25 August
D. 21 August
Answer: option D
Solution: the world senior citizen Day is observed on 21 August every year without city of raising awareness hand factors associated with the older adults are charged with study of problem capitalise on the old people deterioration and elder abuse.
5. Gopalaswamy kasturirangan who passed away recently was associated with which field?
A. Hockey
B. Golf
C. Billiards
D. Cricket
Answer: option D
Solution: gopalswamy anger Kasturirangan was associated with the support of cricket and was also an administrator and pitch curator he was born in Tamilnadu on 12 October 1930 and started his career in the session of 1948- 49 represent in Mysore in the Ranji Trophy and took retirement from the first class ticket after the session of 1963.
6. Who has been conferred with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2020 in the field of Cricket?
A. Hardin pandya
B. Vivek Sharma
C. Rohit Sharma
D. Harbajan Singh
Answer: option C
Solution: Rohit Sharma cycle conferred with Khel Ratna Award 2020 athletics to win the highest sporting honour.
7. Which is the first foreign bank in India that has launched the green deposit program?
A. Citi bank
B. HSBC India
C. Standard chartered bank
D. Dabs bank
Answer: option B
Solution: HSBC India has launched the green deposit programme exclusively for corporate crimes the program the banks use deposit for financing environmentally friendly projects and green initiatives.
8. School of which state has launched the pallikutam award for innovation in education?
A. Jharkhand
B. Meghalaya
C. Nagaland
D. Tripura
Answer: option C
Solution: A school of Nagaland has been awarded the first ever pallikkutam National award for innovation in the field of education. The award has been instituted by Rajveer media has been conferred on son Christopher School of Cheshire village in Nagaland.
9. Which Organisation has signed an Moi with all India Football Federation for conducting online scouting workshop in India?
A. International professional scouting organisations.
B. Professional football scouts association.
C. Scouts of foot ball group.
D. None.
Answer: option A
Solution: A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the international professional scouting organisation and the all India Football Federation for a term of 2 years . According to the MoUs information relating to analysis and scouting will be provided to the attendees with high quality webinars and courses.
10. Which among the following celebrities the centenary of a participation in the Olympics?
A. Mohan Began
B. Deccan Gymkhana club
C. Indian hockey association.
D. Indian wrestling association.
Answer: option B
Solution: recently, Deccan Gymkhana Club celebrated its centenary of India's participation in the Olympics. As per the history of Deccan Gympana club in 1919.

Author : Priya Gowda (Bangalore)