Top 50 Current Affairs Quiz Questions Related to Corona Virus COVID-19

GK Quiz Based on Corona Virus COVID-19
1.            WHO declares COVID-19 a ________, india fights back with epidemic act
A.           Welfare
B.           Pandemic
C.           Epedimic
D.           Union Ministry
Answer: option B
Solution: coronavirus of break in India designs related to health lie with stairs but by invoking section 2 of the pandemic , epidemic disease act, advisories and directons of union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare can be enforced across the country.

2.            What is the official name of the coronavirus disease?
A.           HIV
B.           AIDS
C.           Infectious
D.           SARS-CoV-2
Answer: option D
Solution: SARS-CoV-2 this was recently designated severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 .by the coronavirus study group.
3.            From where did COVID-19 come from ?
A.           Japan
B.           China
C.           USA
D.           Italy
Answer: option B
Solution: China allotted the two cases of unusual phenomena in wuhan on December 31.
COVID-19 start to have originated in a seafood market where wildlife was sold illegally.
4.            Is the Corona virus disease zoonotic?
A.           Yes
B.           No
C.           Partially yes
D.           None of the above
Answer: option A
Solution: coronavirus are zoonotic meaning they are transmitted between animals and people.
5.            Coronavirus disease new?
A.           It’s previously observed in 1986
B.           It’s observed in 1800
C.           It’s a new disease
D.           None
Answer: option C
Solution: coronavirus disease(COVID-19) induced train that was discovered in 2019 has not been previously identified in humans.
6.            Who is the most at risk  for the coronavirus disease?
A.           children
B.           Older people
C.           Middle age people
D.           Teenagers
Answer: option B
Solution: people of all ages can be infected by the new coronavirus older people and people with pre existing medical conditions as the diabetes heart diseases appears to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus.
7.            Primary symptoms of covid-19 include?
A.           Persistent cough
B.           Stomach pain
C.           Vomiting
D.           Drowsiness
Answer: option A
Solution : persistent cough fever shortness of breath the symptoms are likely to occur two to 14 days after exposure to the virus.
8.            Women behind India’s first corona kit?
A.           Minal Dakhave Bhosale
B.           Ranu tokle
C.           Meera minale
D.           Rakshana
Answer: option A
Solution: what we go down as a crucial benchmark India's fight against the covid-19 -1 based Diagnostic form developed the entry’s first kit .
With just 6.8 tests per million, one of the West rates in the world, India has been criticised for not testing enough . Now this test kit could be the country needed.
9.            How does coronavirus spreads?
A.           Coughing
B.           Hugging
C.           Hand shake
D.           All of the above
Answer: option D
Solution: when people with covid-19 breathe out ok ok they explain tiny droplets that contain the virus these droplets in the mouth or nose of someone without the virus causing and infection to occur.
10.         At the time when all our lives are disrupted in many ways to increase loneliness and anxiety expert recommended that people stay connected in all of the following ways except_______
A.           Participating in online game nights
B.           Participating in online learning
C.           Connecting via social media ,chat and video
D.           Weather at home for short period of time
Answer: option D
Solution: it’s scary and answer 10th I’m saying in touch with family and friends is more important than a walk because we are biologically hardwired to see each other out when we are stressed the Dr. Jonathan kanther ,director of the centre for science and social connection at the University of Washington in Seattle.
11.         Waxing photo coronavirus will take at least 10 to become available to the public
A.           6 weeks
B.           3 months
C.           Six months
D.           One year
Answer: option D
Solution: the first testing Raman science of an experimental vaccine for the new coronavirus began on March 16 the National Institute of allergy and infection diseases announced.
12.         Per maintaining a distance of ______ from others when possible, people may limit the spread of the virus.
A.           12 inches
B.           Two feet
C.           Four feet
D.           Six feet
Answer: option D
Solution: practicing social differences should stay home as much as possible and look to keep a gap of 6 feet or more  between themselves and others if they to leave the house.
13.         The Trump administration release new guidelines on March 16 to slow the speed of a folder virus including closing schools and avoiding the books of more than _______ people, discreationary Travel. Bars, restaurant and food courts.
A.           10
B.           50
C.           250
D.           500
Answer: option A
Solution: new measure reflected the increase gravity of global atoms to contain the virus as governments around the world from Canada to Hungary move to close that borders to foreign travellers.
14.         Washing your hands is considered to be one of the very best defences you can take to prevent the spread of the virus it is recommended that you wash your hands for at least _____
A.           5 seconds
B.           10 seconds
C.           20 seconds
D.           4 minutes
Answer: option C
Solution: washing your hands frequently is the most important thing you can do along with staying at home when an awarding touching your face taking care to get between your fingers and under your nails wash for at least 20 seconds .
15.         Coronavirus cases in children have been________
A.           As common as elderly cases
B.           Non-existent
C.           Rapidely rising
D.           Rare, as of now
Answer: option D
Solution: ok Kanti hair close In response to the new coronavirus and many parents are questions about how to go about the daily and managing their children hospital boundaries and hygiene levels are not always ideal.
16.         Most people fall in 5 to 7 days after exposure that sentence in appear in sq as today’s are as many as_______ days
A.           14
B.           21
C.           28
D.           35
Answer: option A
Solution : The time it takes for symptoms to appear after a person is infected can be waiting for prevention and control. known as the incubation period this time can Aloe health officials to quarantine or observe people who may have been exposed to the virus. what is the integration period is too long to short, these measures will be difficult to implement.
17.         Which of the following is not a common symptom of a coronavirus?
A.           Dry cough
B.           Fever
C.           Rash
D.           Shortness of breath
Answer: option C
Solution: common symptom of this infection include fever ,a dry cough, fatigue and difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
18.         Virus spreads easily from person to person travelling through the air envelope in tiny _____ or pickdup when a person catches and infected surface
A.           Bacterial follicles
B.           Gamma
C.           Pollution particles
D.           Viral droplets
Answer: option D
Solution: the mucus and saliva droplets are ejected form the mouth or nose as we laugh, Sing, breathe and talk to get access to yourself the viral droplets must enter through the eyes, nose or mouth.
19.         Coronavirus surname for the spice that produces from their surfaces resembling_______ they can infect both animals and people and can cause illness of the respiratory tract.
A.           Sharks teeth
B.           Barbed wire
C.           Foot ball
D.           The Sun’s corona
Answer: option D
Solution: at least four types of coronavirus is caused very mild injection every year like the common cold most people get infected with one or more of these viruses at some point in their lives.
20.         Mild symptom of Nobel coronavirus are?
A.           Fever
B.           Cough
C.           Shortness of breath
D.           All of the above
Answer: option D
Solution: people infected with noval coronavirus or 2019  nCoV reported with smile symptoms name the fever cause and shortness of breath whereas other, symptoms may include running nose and headache ,sore throat, general feeling of unwell ext.
21.         From where coronavirus got its name
A.           Due to their ground like projections
B.           Due to their lives like projections
C.           Due to their surface structure of bricks
D.           None of above
Answer: option A
Solution: due to the ground like projection on the surface coronavirus what their name the virus resembles a ground when viewed under an electron microscope Karana in Latin means “halo"or “crown”.
22.         What are the precautions that need to be taken to protect from the coronavirus?
A.           Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing
B.           Add more garlic into a diet
C.           Wash your hands after every hour
D.           Visit your doctor for antibiotics treatment
Answer: option A
Solution: according to WHO a person can take precautions by covering the nose and mouth while sneezing we are tissue or an elbow then immediately through the tissue into a closed dustbin.
23.         First case of novel coronavirus was identified in?
A.           Beijing
B.           Shanghai
C.           Wuhan, Hubei
D.           Tinjin
Answer: option C
Solution: sketch of novel coronavirus force identified in Wuhan,Hubei ,province, China
24.         Which of the following diseases are related to coronavirus
A.           MERS
B.           SARS
C.           Both A and B
D.           Neither A nor B
Answer: option C
Solution: coronavirus main cause illness from the common cold to more other serious diseases like Middle East respiratory syndrome and severe acute respiratory syndrome.
25.         What is coronavirus
A.           It is a large family of viruses
B.           It belongs to the family of Nidovirus
C.           Both A and B are correct
D.           Only A is correct
Answer: coronavirus Halat 10 virus and belong to the nidovirus family or nidovirals order which includes coronavirus arteriviridae, and Roniviridae families.
26.         Health Organisation on 9 February 2020 announced and official name for the disease that is causing the 2019 no will coronavirus outbreak what is the new name of the disease?
A.           COVID-19
B.           COVn-19
C.           COnV-19
D.           COnVID-19
Answer: option A
Solution: WHO named the diesease that squash noval coronavirus as COVID-19.
27.         In which group the covid-19 Spreads?
A.           80% people will require no treatment as such and will recover on their own
B.           Around less than 20% or a small proportion we need hospitalization
C.           A very small proportion with people suffering from chronic illness minut admission in an Intensive Care Unit
D.           All the above correct
Answer: option D
Solution: a person who develops covid-19 majority of the people 80% is not required treatment and with cover on their own small proportion we need hospitalization and where is more population who are underlying chronic illness may need to admit in ICU
28.         How does Coronavirus transmit?
A.           Persons lasercraft droplets friend in the year of fall on the ground and nearby surfaces
B.           Another person is near and in his pocket touches the surfaces and for the touches face ,eyes, or mouth he or she can get an infection
C.           Disease lesson 1 metre from the infected person
D.           All the above are correct
Answer:option D
Solution: coronavirus transfer through the above mentioned option( covid-19.)
29.         Project Aranank is undertaken by which organisation?
A.           Securities and exchange Board of India
B.           Border roads organisation
C.           Indian Oil Corporation
D.           None
Answer: option B
Solution: border Road organisation is working Reliance test Leander the project on complete the covid-19 pandemic. The BRO is engaged in snow clearance of the manali-leh axis in the Northern part of the country.
30.         With Regards to the MPLADS funds recently in the news which ministry implements the scheme?
A.           Ministry of statistics and programme implementation
B.           Ministry Of rural development
C.           Ministry Of Social justice and empowerment
D.           Ministry of parliamentary affairs
Answer: the members of parliament local area development scheme which was formulated by the Indian government in 1983 assess the members of the Parliament is suggest development work in the representative constitution the focus on the creation of the community as its base to the local needs Shri M venkaiah Naidu has requested all MPs for the contribution of at least rupees one crore from their MPLADS funds to help the government to combat covid-19 pandemic.
31.         Which state government has launched covid-19 solidarity response fund?
A.           Himachal Pradesh
B.           MadhyaPradesh
C.           Rajastan
D.           Goa
Answer: option A
Solution: state government off in Madhya Pradesh was created an' HP covid-19’ solidarity response fund to supply protective equipment the health workers and other paramedical staff.
32.         Which of the following organisation will launch a corona study series?
A.           Indian Council of Medical Research
B.           National Book Trust
C.           Indian Institute of Technology ,Delhi.
D.           National Council of educational research and training
Answer: option B
Solution: the corona study series book will be launched by National Book Trust to make available reading materials which are relevant for all age Groups for the post corona readership requirements.
33.         ‘project Isaac ‘ to engage students in 3D project has been launched by which of the following universities?
A.           IIT Madras
B.           IIT Bombay
C.           IIT Gandhinagar
D.           IIT Delhi
Answers: option C
Solution: project Isaac has been inspired by Sir Isaac Newton who also stayed back home due to create lake of London in 1665 worked on mathematics and development calculus studied gravity analyse light colour and Spectrum it is an initiative taken by IIT Gandhinagar to enhance creative skills in the students stay in back home admits the spirit of covid-19.
34.         Which of the following ministry has launched CoNTaC platform?
A.           Ministry of Human Resource Development
B.           Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
C.           Ministry of women and child development
D.           Ministry of Minority affairs
Ansswer: option B
Solution: the CoNTeC platform has been launched by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 28 March 2020 to connect the doctors in the country to All India Institute of Medical Science. CoNTeC stands for covid-19 telecommunication platform. the platform will be active 24/7.
35.         Which of the following Hospital is conducting trials on humanoid robot to help covid-19 patients?
A.           AIIMS, Delhi
B.           Goa medical college, Goa
C.           Swami Man singh Hospital, Jaipur
D.           Max hospital , Delhi
Answer: option C
Solution: the Trials are being conducted by the Swami Man Singh hospital in Jaipur,  to check whether the humanoid robots will be able to survey covid-19 patients with food and medicine in the hospital .the robot will help to prevent frequent contract between the parameter and covid-19 patients, thereby helping to contain the spread.
36.         Which company has created on cathbot to provide information on the Corona virus pandemic?
A.           IBM
B.           Facebook
C.           Google
D.           Amazon
Answer: option B
Solution: Mark Zukarberg owned social media company, Facebook has launched a Facebook messenger cathbot to provide people without aunty information and dismiss let’s regarding the coronavirus pandemic.
37.         Which of the following countries has invoked the difference protection act in the wake of coronavirus pandemic?
A.           United kingdom
B.           United Arab Emirates
C.           China
D.           United States of America
Answer: option D
Solution: the president of The United States of America ,Donald Trump has invoke the distance protection act to direct the multinational corporation, General Motors manufacturing ventilator for covid-19 patients.
38.         Which of The following person has had had with fit India program aimed the lockdown?
A.           Hrithik Roshan
B.           Shilpa shetty
C.           Sahil khan
D.           Vidyut Jamwal
Answer: option B
Solution: the ‘fit India’ Movement which is the flagship fitness moment of the Indian government in Association with Bollywood actress and fitness icon Shilpa Shetty Kundra will provide free access to a 21 day weight loss program during the 21 day doctor owing to covid-19 Pandemic.
39.         5 minute small and portable covid-19 that has been launched by which company?
A.           Lupin
B.           Cipla
C.           Abbot laboratory
D.           Sun pharmaceuticals
Answer: option C
Solution: The five minute small and portable test has been developed by Abbott Laboratories ,which can be used in almost any Health Care setting. in the test as verb is taken from the nose on the back of the throat and then mixed with the chemical solution that breaks the protective layer of the virus and releases its RNA.
40.         Name the state which sets are the largest covid-19 hospital in India?
A.           Telangana
B.           Uttar Pradesh
C.           Tamil Nadu
D.           Odisha
Answer: option D
Solution: the Odisha Government announced that it is reading to setup the largest covid-19 hospital in India due to the outbreak of corona virus in the country the state level Hospital will have thousand words in Bhubaneswar, audition and will be functional in a fortnite.
41.         Control room to monitor the transport and delivery of essential goods and services amid the coronavirus epidemic has been set up by which department?
A.           Department of Science and Technology
B.           Department for promotion of industry and internal trade
C.           Made of Food and Public Distribution
D.           Department of internal security
Answer: option B
Solution: department for promotion of industry and internal trade functioning under the ministry of Commerce and industry has established control room to track the real time status of transportation and delivery of goods initial commodities to the common man.
42.         Which company has set up India’s first covid-19 educated Hospital?
A.           Amazon
B.           Tata
C.           Reliance
D.           Mahindra & mahindra
Answer: option C
Solution: India's first Hospital dedicated to covid-19 has been established by Reliance Industries Limited in Mumbai .which hospital is fully funded by Reliance foundation and is the first of its kind it has a negative pressure on which helps control infection and prevent cross infection all required infrastructure biomedical equipments that has pacemaker dialysis machines.
43.         Behind level committee of medical experts for prevention and control of covid-19 by which of the following people?
A.           Randeep guleria
B.           Preeti sudan
C.           Dr. V.K Paul
D.           Sujeeth Singh
Answer: option C
Solution: Central government has constituted a high-level committee of Public Health exposed to guide the prevention and control activities against covid-19 coronavirus committee headed by NITI Ayog member Dr. V.K paul consists of 21 members.
44.         Which organisation as recommended hydrochloroquin as a drug against coronavirus
A.           Sun pharmaceuticals
B.           Lupid ltd
C.           Indian council of medical research.
D.           Cipla
Answer: National task force created by the Indian Council of Medical Research has recommended the use of the antimalarial drug Hydrochloroquin to treat coronavirus.
45.         Which company is the first Indian company to get its covid-19 test kits validated?
A.           Cipla
B.           Glenmark pharma limited
C.           Mylab
D.           Biocon Limited
Answer: option C
Solution: the Pune best company mileage with specialise in molecular Diagnostic has become the first Indian company to receive the validation for its Diagnostic test kit of coronavirus the test is also known as the reverse transcription polymer Chain Reaction test by the drug controller of India.
46.         ____ crores is donated by Ratan Tata to fight Against COVID-19?
A.           500 crores
B.           100 crores
C.           300 crores
D.           1000 crores
Answer: option A
Solution: German Ratan n Tata top trend on Twitter right after the announce a massive rupees 500 crores to fight the Corona virus pandemic ranging around the world . Calling covid-19 crisis as one of the toughest challenges that human race will face the 82 years old Businessman who is well known for his philanthropy, shared the note from his charitable organisation.
47.         ____ announces emergency relief fund for coronavirus fight?
A.           Narendra modi
B.           Ramnath kovind
C.           Rahul Gandhi
D.           Rajnath singh
Answer: option A
Solution: PM Modi announces emergency relief fund for coronavirus fight emergency situation relief fund where people can contribute and help in the governments fight against coronavirus.
48.         Janatha Curfew in India took place?
A.           24 March
B.           22 March
C.           21 March
D.           27 March
Answer: option B
Solution: it was an effort to combat coronavirus introduced by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in the wake of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in India it was taken place on 22nd March 2020.
49.         UN releases_______ million to help vulnerable countries battle the speed of the coronavirus
A.           $15 Million
B.           $5 million
C.           $10 Million
D.           $8 million
Answer: option A
Solution: 1 March 2020 the w i Squad for US dollar 675 million to find the fight against coronavirus there is a window of opportunity to contain the speed of the virus.
50.         Donald Trump plants to use defence production act for ________
A.           Cancer kit
B.           Virus test kit
C.           Abacus kit
D.           HIV test kit
Answer: option B
Solution: Trump in the Act last week but said he would hold off on using it and let was necessary, prompting criticism from democrats. The law , which dates to the korean war of the 1950s. Grants the president broad authority to “expedite and expand”.