SSC MTS GK Questions: 8th April 2020

1.         Going to host the national winter games under khelo India?
A.           Gulmarg
B.           Delhi
C.           Bangalore
D.           Chennai
Answer: option A
Solution: Gulmarg will host fayde National winter games on 7th March under khelo India in winter games there are going to be 30 events and 4 disciplines that is snowboarding, snow skiing,cross-country and snow show.

2.         Which city will host the 6th edition of Sindhu Mahotsav?
A.           Noida
B.           Gulmarg
C.           Pune
D.           Mumbai
Answer: option C
Solution: the sixth edition of Sindhu Mahotsav ,festival to showcase classical forms of dance, will be held in Pune on 14th and 15th February .it will be organised by ‘sankhya dance company’. in Association with ‘Punam Gokale’s Mudra centre of performing arts.
3.         The following has recently notified medical equipment as drugs?
A.           Government of Science and Technology
B.           Union Health ministry
C.           Ministry of women and child development
D.           Ministry Of Social justice and empowerment
Answer: option B
Solution: the Union Health ministry has recently notified medical equipment used on humans are animals are “drugs” in order to ensure standards in medical instruments with effect from April 1, 2020 on important are locally manufactured molecules devices sold in India would be required to clear some quality standards before they are introduced in the Indian market.
4.         Which of the following is India’s noisiest City?
A.           Delhi
B.           Mumbai
C.           Chennai
D.           Bangalore
Answer: option C
Solution: Central pollution control board, chennai is the noiseiest Metro city in India. Across Chennai 10 stations average noise levels during the day was 67.8 is much higher than the equivalent figure for Delhi(61).
5.         ‘yara Virus ‘ was discovered in _____
A.           Brazil
B.           China
C.           USA
D.           India
Answer: option A
Solution: scientist and Brazil have identified virus name is entirely new to science the virus name Yara virus was named after Yaara aur Lara water Queen figure in Brazilian mythology.