SSC CPO GK Questions: 8th April 2020

1.         The campaign ‘#Pehlesafety' is launched by ?
A.           Minister of Information and Technology
B.           Ministry of road transport and highways
C.           National payments Corporation of India
D.           Google India
Answer: option D
Solution: ‘#pahlesafety’is launched by Google India campaign names to create awareness about internet safety. to make the happiness success Google India is working with top YouTube influences to spread the word on online safety.

2.         Which of the following launched ‘Apiary on wheels’ initiative?
A.           Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises
B.           Ministry of Rural Development
C.           Ministry of Agriculture
D.           Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Answer: option A
Solution: ‘Apiary on wheels ‘ recently flagged off by the union Ministry of ministry of micro small and medium enterprises .the main aim of ‘Apiary on wheels’ is to make Migration of bee boxes easy.
3.         Indian Naval Academy is located in_____
A.           Goa
B.           Kerala
C.           Delhi
D.           Mumbai
Answer: option B
Solution: Indian Naval Academy is initial officer training establishment of the Indian Navy and the Indian coast guard ,location in Ezhimala, Kannur district Kerala.
4.         The following cities will host the national organic food festival
A.           New Delhi
B.           Mumbai
C.           Noida
D.           Hyderabad
Answer: option A
Solution: National organic food festival will be hosted by the government of India at Jawaharlal station in New Delhi between February 21 and 23, 2020 .the event aims to boost Organic products and promote women entrepreneurship in Organic products.
5.         Who is the chairman of the recently appointed ‘Groupon difference and International Security’ by 15 finance commission?
A.           Shri. N.K Singh
B.           Shri. A.N jha
C.           Shri sushil Kumar
D.           Shri Ritesh Sharma
Answer: option A
Solution: 15th finance commission has formed a v member group on ‘defence and internal security ‘.N.K singh is the chairman of this Commission the home secretary and Defence Secretary will be the members of the group among others.