SSC CGL GK Questions: 8th April 2020

1.         Competition commission of India (CCI) is a ?
A.           Constitution body
B.           Non-constitutional body
C.           Statutory body
D.           Quasi-judicial body
Answer: option C
Solution: recently, CCI approves a joint venture between mahindra & mahindra and ford motor. Competition commission of India is a statutory body of the central government. The competition Act of 2002. Had given a statutory status to this body . It was established on 14th October 2003. CCI aims to prevent activities that have an appreciable adverse effect on competition in India.

2.         Who has taken over the command of Indian navy’s Eastern fleet?
A.           Sanjay vatsayan
B.           Suraj berry
C.           Puruvir Das
D.           Sanjay Roye
Answer: option A
Solution: rear Admiral Sanjay vatsayan to command of Eastern Fleet. The eastern fleet are Frontline worship of Indian Navy which are deployed in the indo-pacific region .the major responsibility of the Eastern feet is to safeguard India's ma time interest in the indo-pacific region.
3.         ‘van Dhan scheme' is an initiative of _______
A.           Ministry of Tribal affairs
B.           Ministry of environment , forest and climate change
C.           Ministry of rural development
D.           Ministry of agriculture
Answer: option A
Solution: ‘van Dhan scheme ‘ was launched in is an initiative of the ministry of Tribal Affairs and tribal Cooperative marketing development Federation of India. It seeks to improve tribal rain comes true value addition of tribal products and the scheme The Ministry of Tribal Affairs is the nodal development at the Central level while TRIFED is a nodal agency at the national level
4.         Which of the following publishers the ‘state of the world’s children Report ‘?
A.           World Health Organisation
B.           United national children’s fund
C.           United national development programme
D.           United States agency for international development
Answer: option B
Solution: ‘state of the worlds children report ‘is an annual report published by the United Nations children’s fund every year as per the 2019 report India is under five mortality rate in 37 for thousand life was against Global average of 39 per thousand livebirth 2018.
5.         Every year the world Unani Day celebrated on 11 February on the birth anniversary of_____
A.           Susrutha
B.           Upendra nath Brahmachari
C.           Atreya
D.           Hakim Ajmal khan
Answer: option D
Solution: world Unani Day celebrated every year on 11th of February on the birth anniversary of Hakim Ajmal Khan. Hakim Ajmal Khan was an Indian physician and a social reformer .he was one of the founding members of Jamia Millia Islamia. He also established an ayurvedic and Unani college in Delhi.