Science GK Objective for CGL, CDS and AFCAT

Science GK Objective
1. Which one of the following is not a property of the X-rays?
(a) They are deflected by electric fields.
(b) They are not deflected by magnetic fields.
 (c) They have high penetration length in matter.
(d) Their wavelength is much smaller than visible light.

2. Which one of the following is not true about the image formed by a plane mirror?
(a) It is of the same size as the subject.
(b) It is laterally inverted.
(c) It is real image.
(d) It is formed as far behind the mirror as the object is in front.
3. In a Periscope, two plane  mirrors are kept.
a. Parallel to each other
b. Perpendicular to each other
c. at  an angle of 60º with each other
d. at an angle of 45º with each other
4. If the speed  of light in air is 3X10⁸ m / s,  then  the speed of light in a medium  of  refractive index 3/2 is?
a. 2x 10⁸ m / s
b. 9/4 x 10⁸ m / s
c. 3/2 10⁸ m / s
d. 3 x 10⁸ m / s
5. Which of the following types of radiation has the shortest wavelength?
a. Radio waves
b. visible light
c. Infrared (IR)
d. Ultraviolet (UV)
6. The unit of the force constant  k of a spring  is
a. N-m
b. N / m
c. N-m²
d. N / m²
7. Which one of the following is not an epidemic   disease?
a. Cholera
b. Malaria
c. small pox
d. Elephantiasis
8. Which one of the following animals has a three-chambered heart?
a. Scholiodon
b. Salamander
c. pigeon
d. Human Being
9. Which one  of the following is the correct sequence of events during sexual reproduction in plants?
a. Seeding, formation of embyro, pollination, fertilization, division of zygote
b. Formation of embyro, seeding, pollination, fertilization, division of zygote
c. Pollination, fertilization, division of zygotes, formation of embyro ,  seeding.
d. seeding , formation of embyro , division of zygote, pollination, fertilization