Quiz on GK for RBI Grade B: 13th April 2020

1. The provisions of the Constitution of India in pertaining to the institution of  Panchayat do not apply to which one of the following states?
(A) Meghalaya (B) Tripura
(c) Assam (c) Goa

2. Which one of the following rivers does not drain into Black Sea?
(A) Volga              (B) Dnieper
(c) Don                  (d) Danube
3. The National Water Academy ( NWA)  is located at
a. Dehradun
b. Hyderabad
c. Bhopal
d.  Khadakwasla
4. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of formation  of  the commissions starting from the earliest?
a. Finance Commission, Planning Commission, Investment Commission, Election Commission
b. Election Commission, Planning Commission, Finance Commission, Investment Commission
c. Planning Commission, Election Commission, Finance Commission, Investment Commission
d. Investment Commission, Finance Commission, Planning Commission, Election Commission
5. The formulation of policy  in respect  to intellectual property rights (IPRs) is the responsibility of
a. the Ministry of Law and Justice
b. the Department  of  Science and Technology
c. the  Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade
d. the Ministry of human Resource development
6. Which of the following is the latest added to the AYUSH group of the healthcare system?
a. Unani
b. Siddha
c. Sowa-Rigpa
d. Reiki
7. Which one of the following nodal agency in India for the United Nations Environment Programme?
a.   The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
b. The Ministry of Science and Technology
c. The Ministry of Earth Sciences
d.  The Ministry of  home  Affairs
8. According to the census 2011,  in India what is the percentage of people (approximately)  considered  to be migrants (internal) ie ., now settled in a place different  from their previous residence?
(A) 25 percent      (B) 35 percent
(c) 45 percent       (D) 55 percent