Quiz on GK | 12th April 2020 | Science Objective

General Science Questions
1. Scattering of a-particles by a thin gold foil  suggest  the  presence of
a. Electrons in an atom
b. Protons in an atom
c. positively charged  nucleus in the center of an atom
d. Isotopes of gold

2. The elements of which of the following pairs are isobars?
a. 1/1 H and 3/1 H
b. 1/1 H and 2/1 H
c. 12/6 C and 14/6 C
d. 40/18 Ar and 40/20 Ca
3. Which of the following chemical reactions is not feasible?
a. Fe CuSO4 → FeSO4 Cu
b. Zn CuSO4 → Zn SO4 Cu
c. Cu PbCI2 → CuCI2
d. Mg + CuSO 4  MgSO4 + Cu
4. A solution having pH equal to zero is known as
a. highly alkaline solution
b. highly acidic solution
c. weak acid solution
d. neutral solution
5. Which of the following acids is produced In human stomach?
a. Formic acid
b. Sulfuric acid
c. Nitric acid
d. Hydrochloric acid
6. Match List I - with List- II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
List I                                                    List II
(Compound)                                       (use)
a. Boric acid                              1. Antiseptic
b. Citric acid                            2. food preservative
c. Magnesium hydroxide         3. antacid
d. Acetic acid                       4. Pickle
(a) A       B                           C                            D
      1        2                            3                            4
(b) A       B                            C                            D
      1       3                             2                            4
(c) A        B                            C                            D
     4         3                             2                            1
(d)  A       B                           C                            D
       4        2                           3                            1
7. The property of sound waves that determines the pitch of the sound is its
a. frequency
b. amplitude
c. Wavelength
d. intensity