Important GK Questions for IAS Prelims: 12th April 2020

1.  Silver  articles become black   after some time when exposed to air because
a. Silver  gets oxidized  to  silver oxide.
b. Silver reacts with moisture carbon dioxide in the air to form silver carbonate.
c. Silver reacts with sulfur in air to form a coating of silver sulfide.
d.  Silver reacts with nitrogen oxides in the form silver nitrate.

2- If x is the temperature of a system in Kelvin and y is the temperature of the system in ยบC, then the correct relation between them is
a.      X = 273 –y
b.      X = 273 + y
c.       X = 173 + y
d.      X = 173 -y
3.  The resistivity p of a  material may be expressed in units of
a. Ohm
b. Ohm / cm
c. Ohm-cm
d. Ohm-cm²
4.  The electromagnetic waves, which are used for satellite communication, are
a. infrared  radiation
b. Ultra Violet radiation
c. radio waves
d. visible lights
5. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of  organs that occur  in the path of urine flow in  human body?
a. Kidney , ureter,  urinary bladder, urethra
b. Kidney ,  urinary bladder, ureter, ureter , Urethra
c. Kidney, ureter, urethra,  urinary bladder
d. Urinary bladder, kidney, urethra, ureter
6. Which of the following endocrine glands is not found as a pair in humans?
a. Adrenal
b. Pituitary
c. Testis
d. Ovary
7. Which one of the following cell organelle contains DNA?
a. Golgi apparatus)
b. Mitochondrion
c. Lysosome
d. Endoplasmic reticulum
8. Which among the following scientists Introduced the concept of immunization  to  the medical world?
a. Edward Jenner
b. Robert Koch
c. Robert hook
d. Carl Linnaeus