GK Questions for UPPSC: 13th April 2020

Quiz on GK
1. The maiden trilateral naval exercise involving India, Singapore and Thailand was held at
a. Port Blair
b. Chennai
c. Panaji
d. Kochi

2. The creation of a  Federal Court in India was  advocated by which of the following Acts / Commission?
a. The Government of India Act, 1919
b. The Lee Commission (Lee Commission), 1923
c. The Government of India Act, 1935
d. The Indian Council Act, 1909
3. Who founded the 'Seva Samiti’ at Allahabad in 1914?
a. Hridaynath Kunjru
b. G . K Gokhale
c. Shriram Bajpai
d. T . B Sapru
4. The State of Hyderabad in the Deccan officially acceded to  the Indian Union in  the year?
a. 1948
b. 1950
c. 1949
d. 1947
5.  The Hunter Commission (1882) appointed to survey the state of education in India
a. deprecated University   education
b. overruled the Despatch  of 1854
c. endorsed the Despatch  of 1854  with greater emphasis on primary education
d. Criticized the grant-in-aid system of schooling
6 The power to legislate on all matters relating to elections to Panchayats lies with
a. the Parliament of India
b. the State legislature
c. the State election commission
d. the Election Commission of India
7. The 11th schedule of the Constitution of India distributes powers between
a. the Union and the  state legislatures
b. the State Legislatures and the  Panchayat
c. the  Municipal Corporation and  the  Panchayat
d. the  Gram Sabha and Panchayat