GK Questions for UP SI and Constable: 8th April 2020

1.            Which Mammal is identified as the host of the virus by the researcher of China?
A.           Penguin
B.           Chameleons
C.           Salamander
D.           Pangolin
Answer: option D
Solution: most traffic mammal of Asia, pangolin was identified as a host of the virus by the researchers of China according to resources of China ,636 people in China have started from market in one City through angolan there are 8 species of Bengal in all over the world.

2.            World’s first Bulletproof helmet has developed by______
A.           DRDO
B.           Indian army
C.           Ordnance factory
D.           None of these
Answer: option B
Solution: Indian army has developed the world’s first bulletproof helmet which withstands even an Ak-47 bullet round from a distance of 10 meters.
3.            Which country will contain the third gender for the first time in its population?
A.           Bangladesh
B.           India
C.           Nepal
D.           Pakistan
Answer: option C
Solution: Nepal will count the third gender in its next population census for the first time counting LGBT people as minority groups that can be allowed are located government jobs and education.
4.            1st disha police station has inaugurated in which state to work on violence against women?
A.           Telangana
B.           Andra Pradesh
C.           Jharkand
D.           Hariyana
Answer: option B
Solution:  Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister y s Jaganmohan Reddy on Saturday inaugurated Disha police station in theRajamahendravaram city to address heinous crimes against women and children in Andhra Pradesh.
5         Pension fund regulatory  Development Authority has increased the minimum networth for Pension Fund managers from 25 crores to ____ crores?
A.           75 crores
B.           50 crores
C.           125 crores
D.           200 crores
Answer: option B
Solution:  Pension Fund regulatory and Development Authority has doubled the minimum networth criteria for Pension Fund managers to rupees 50 crore from Rs 25 crores.