GK Questions for SBI Clerk Mains: 13th April 2020

SBI Clerk Mains GK
1.  Which one  of the following  is not correct about Repo rate?
a.  It is the interest rate charged by the central bank on  overnight loans.
b. It is the interest rate paid by commercial banks on  overnight borrowing.
c. It is the interest rate agreed upon in  the loan contract between a commercial bank and the  central bank.
d. This is the cost of the collateral security.
2. The cash Reserve ratio refers to
a. The Share of net demand and   time   Liabilities that banks have to hold as liquid assets
b. The share of Net demand and Time Liabilities that Banks have to hold as balance with RBI.
c. The share of net demand and time liabilities  that banks have to hold  as part of their cash reserves.
d. The ratio of cash holding to reserves of banks.
3. In economics, if a  diagram  has a line passing  through the origin and  has  45ยบ  angle  with either axis and it is  asserted that along the line  X = Y, What is assumed?
a. Both variables are pure numbers.
b. Both the variables are in the same unit.
c. Both variables are in different units.
d. At least one variable is a pure number.
4. Who among the following  won  the best men’s player award of FIFA Football Award, 2019
a. Christian Ronaldo
b. Virgil van Dijk
c. Leonel Messi
d. Xavi
5. In September 2019, which one of the following  travel  giants  declared itself bankrupt?
a. Expedia
b. Cox and kings
c. S.O.T.C.
d. Thomas Cook
6. Greta Thunberg, a teenage environment activist who was in  news recently,  hails from
a. Sweden
b. Germany
c. Usa
d. Canada
7. Recently the Reserve Bank of India has imposed limitations, , initially for a period of six months,  on withdrawal of amount  by account holders of which of the following banks?
a. IndusInd Bank
b. Dhanalakshmi Bank
c. Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank
d. South Indian Bank