GK Questions for RRB NTPC and Railway Group D: 8th April 2020

1.            Country is the free travel for Indian Passport holders?
A.           Sri Lanka
B.           Maldives
C.           Bhutan
D.           Nepal
Answer: option C
Solution: ending the provision of free entry for Indian tourist into the country ,Bhutan announce that it will pay the fee of rupees thousand two hundred percent from July 2020 .for children below the age of 6 and 12 years of fee of rupees 600 needs to be paid .the free, called as sustainable development fee is a Provision recently introduced by the bhutanese government to help regulate the heavy tourist traffic in the country.

2.            Who has been appointed British High commissioner to the republic of India?
A.           Philip Barton
B.           Dominic Aswuith
C.           Kanji Hiramatsu
D.           Austin Fernando
Answer: option A
Solution: Sir philip barton as the new British High commissioner to India. to succeed outgoing and why sir Dominic asquith is currently the Director General of consular and secretary at the FCO and has previously been acting share of the joint intelligence committee at the UK cabinet office.
3.            Which country does Prince unveil a children's protection fund for India?
A.           Saudi Arabia
B.           Britain
C.           UAE
D.           Qatar
Answer: option B
Solution: Britain's Prince Charles unveils a new children's protection for India as part of British Asian. trust Charity founded by him in 2007 to fight poverty in South Asia. America singer Katy Perry was named as the ambassador of the new fund .
4.            Indian Oil Corp has signed deal with which country for the annual purchase of two million metric tons of crude oil?
A.           USA
B.           Iraq
C.           Russia
D.           Iran
Answer: option C
Solution: Russian state owned firm rosneft signed an agreement with Indian Oil Corporation for exporting to million tonnes of Furious grade oil in India this year. the crude purchase agreement with Indian Oil was signed during a meeting between Union list of petroleum and natural gas and steel Dharmendra Pradhan and rosneft Chairman and CEO Igor Sechin.
5.            Pinelopi Koujianous Goldberg recently resigned she was the former Chief economist of which bank?
A.           International monetary fund
B.           World bank
C.           Reserve bank of India
D.           European central bank
Answer: option B
Solution: World Bank chief economist pinelopi koujianou Goldberg resigned from her post.she will step down from her post on March 1 to return to teaching at Yale University in Connecticut United States.