GK Questions for IAS Prelims: 8th April 2020

1.         The following have come up with the bullet proof jacket named’ Bhaba Kavach’?
A.           Defence research and development organisation
B.           Leonardo Aerospace defence and security India Private Limited
C.           Central industrial security forces
D.           Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Answer: Baba Kavach bullet proof jacket ,is developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre it is a light level III plus bullet proof jacket its weight is 6.8 kg. is it is based on in the genius hot pressure Boron carbide and carbon nanotube technology is this bullet proof jacket will be used by our central armed police forces.

2.         Recently which of the following state government has come up with the ‘Ground water Act, 2020'?
A.           Uttar Pradesh
B.           Madhya Pradesh
C.           Haryana
D.           Punjab
Answer: option A
Solution: The Uttar Pradesh cabinet on 11th February approved the ‘ groundwater act 2020’. Key provisions of the act: Registration of  submersible in mandatory. farmers and domestic uses need not be any fees to the use farms rainwater harvesting is mandatory in on private schools and colleges.
3.         What was the theme of this year’s ‘International Day of women and girls in science’?
A.           Investment in women and girls in Science for inclusion economic growth
B.           Investment in women and girls in Science for inclusive economic development
C.           Investment in women and girls in Science for gender neutral society
D.           Investment in women and girls in Science for inclusive green growth
Answer: option D
Solution: every year international day of women and girls in science is observed on 11 February by the United Nations day is celebrated all over the world to recognise the role played by girls and women in Science and Technology.
4.         For gaganyaan mission, four Indian astronauts being training at Green Resort and just cosmonaut Training Centre located in_____
A.           USA
B.           China
C.           Russia
D.           South Korea
Answer: option C
Solution: Gagarin Research and Test  cosmonaut training centres in Russia these four selected as figure palace of the Indian Airforce .after the end of all training module in India and Russia, one or two will be finally name two circle the earth in gaganyan mission which is planned around 2022.
5.         BIMSTEC Disaster management Exercise 2020 is hosted by which of the following ?
A.           National disaster response force of Government of India
B.           National disaster management agency of government of Sri Lanka
C.           National disaster management agency of government of Myanmar
D.           National disaster management agency of government of Bangladesh
Answer: option A
Solution: BIMSTEC disaster management 2020 ,was held in Bhubaneswar on 11th February it is hosted the national disaster response force of the Government of India. this was the Second Edition of the disaster management exercise .