GK Questions for Delhi Police Constable: 20th April 2020

Delhi Police Constable GK Questions
1. recently launched book Shuttling to the top is based on which sportsperson.
(a) saina nehwal
(b) PV sindhu
(c) kidambi srikanth
(d) jwala gutta
Ans- (b) PV sindhu
Ex: the book has been penned by Krishnaswamy V, it conveys the inspiring life story of PV sindhu.

2.  who is the chief of world health organization(WHO)?
(a) Christine lagarde
(b) rex tillerson
(c) Tedros Adhanom
(d) joe biden
Ans-(c) Tedros Adhanom
Ex: he has been in news since the outbreak of covid-19 disease. He hails from Ethiopia
3.  Which of the following articles of the Constitution deals with ‘amendment to the constitution’?
Ans-(d) 368
Ex: Part XX, Article 368 deals with it.
4. who were the rulers of Calicut when Vasco da Gama first arrived in 1498?
(a) zamorins
(b) wodeyars
(c) chalukyas
(d) none of the above
Ans- (a) zamorins
Ex: Zamorin of Calicut is the hereditary royal title used by the Hindu rulers of the medieval Kingdom of Calicut on Malabar Coast. The Zamorins ruled for almost six centuries, between c. 12th and 18th century AD