GK Questions for CLAT and AILET: 13th April 2020

Quiz on GK for Law Entrance
1. The work 'Siyar-ul-Mutakherin', which describes the Battle of Plassey, 1757, was written by
a. Salabat Jung
b. Qasim Khan
c. Ghulam Hussain
d. Ram Mohan Roy

2. Who believed that the Russian design were’ an imminent peril  to the security and tranquility' of the Indian Empire in 1836?
a. Lord auckland
b. Lord palmerston
c. Lord canning
d. Alexander burnes
3. The 'Tatvabodhini Sabha' was established by
a.  Devendranath Tagore in 1839
b.  Keshav Chandra Sen in 1857
c. Akshay Kumar Dutt in 1850
d.  Dwarakanath Tagore in 1840
4. What was the code name given to the first tri-service military exercise between India and the USA?
a. Lion Triumph
b. Elephant Triumph
c. Tiger Triumph
d. Bison Triumph
5. 'Naropa' is an annual festival of
a. Sikkim
b. Ladakh
c. Arunachal Pradesh
d- Nagaland
6. Which   one of the following is India's official entry for the Best International Feature Film category in the 92nd Academy Awards ?
a. Bulbul can sing
b. Super deluxe
c. Gully Boy
d. And the Oscar Goes To
7. The Global Goalkeeper Award is given by
a. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
b. The United Nations Environment Programme
c. The Kellogg School of Management
d. The World Meteorological organization
8.  'Gandhi Solar Park' is located at
a. Newyork
b. Vladivostok
c. Thimphu
d. Houston
5. Who among the following was the first arrived in  Africa as traders that  eventually led to the European colonization of  Africa?
a. French
b. Spanish
c. Portuguese
d. Dutch