CDS English Questions Set 12: 9th April 2020

One of India’s greatest musicians is M.S. Subbulakshmi, affectionately known to most people as M.S. Her singing has brought______91. (a) sorrow to millions of people not only 
(b) joy
 (c) boredom
(d) pain 

_______92.(a) over all parts of India, but in ______93. (a) strange   countries 
                        (b) on                                                  (b) unknown
(c) in                                                    (c) other
(d) with                                                (d) familiar

around the world as well. 94. (a) Within October 1966 Subbulakshmi was invited to 
(b) On
(c) In
(d) By 

______95. (a) dance in New York, where people of  _______96. (a) many    foreign 
(b) sing                                                                        (b) few
                        (c) speak                                                                     (c) backward
                        (d) enjoy                                                                      (d) all
  countries listened to her music 97. (a) attentively. This was one of the greatest 
(b) quietly.
(c) indifferently.
 (d) boldly. 

__________98. (a) awards  ever given to any musician. For________ 99. (a) seconds
(b) honours                                                                             (b) minutes
(c) prizes                                                                                 (c) hours
 (d) recognitions                                                                      (d) days 
together M.S. kept that international______ 100. (a) spectator        spell-bound with the 
(b) audience
(c) viewer
(d) businessmen 
beauty of her voice and her style of singing. 

The Second Anglo-Maratha War had shattered the _______ 101. (a) power    of the 
(b) dignity
 (c) time
(d) patience 
Maratha chiefs, but not their spirit. The ____ 102. (a) disappearance      of their 
(b) empowerment
 (c) loss
 (d) disappointment 

freedom rankled in their hearts. They made a last _______103. (a) horrible   attempt  
(b) desperate
(c) poor
(d) strong 
to regain their independence and old _______ 104. (a) prestige   in 1817. The lead 
(b) army
(c) rebellion
 (d) infantry 
in organizing a united front of the Maratha chiefs was taken by the Peshwa who was smarting under the______ 105.(a) pleasant  control exercised by the British Resident. 
(b) satisfying
 (c) rigid
(d) orthodox