CDS English Questions Set 09: 9th April 2020

In Delhi, it was forbidden by the law, at one time, to take a Dog into a public vehicle. One day a lady, accompanied by a pet dog, entered a bus. Wishing to evade the law, she placed her tiny dog in her dress pocket. It so happened that the person next to this lady was a pick­ pocket; and during the journey he carefully placed his hand into her pocket in search of her purse. Great was the horror to find instead a pair of sharp teeth inserted into his fingers. His exclamation of pain and surprise drew the attention of other passengers to him.

1. Once the law in Delhi did not permit the people to 
(a) carry dogs into private vehicles 
(b) board a bus without ticket 
(c) carry dogs into a public vehicle 
(d) carry animals with them 
2. In order to evade the law, the lady 
(a) hid the dog under the seat 
(b) got off the bus 
(c) gave the dog to a fellow passenger 
(d) put the dog in her pocket 
3. The pick-pocket travelling with the lady 
(a) reported the matter to the conductor 
(b) put his hand in her pocket 
(c) took out the dog 
(d) asked the lady to get off 
4. Which one of the following correctly expresses the meaning of “wishing to evade the law” ? 
(a) Wish to avoid following the law 
(b) Desire to follow the law blindly 
(c) Reluctance to break the law 
(d) Wish to change the law 
5. Why did the pick-pocket exclaim with pain ? 
(a) He was hit by the lady 
(b) He was caught by the fellow- passengers 
(c) He was bitten by the dog 
(d) He fell of the bus