CDS English Questions Set 08: 9th April 2020

I have always opposed the idea of dividing the world into the Orient and the Occident. It is, however, the tremendous industrial growth that has made the West what it is. I think the difference, say, between India and Europe in the 12th or 13th century would not have been very great. Differences have been intensified by this process of industrialization which has promoted material well-being tremendously and which is destroying the life of the mind, which is in a process of deterioration, chiefly because the environment that has been created by it does not give time or opportunity to individuals to think. If the life of the mind is not encouraged, then inevitably civilization collapses.

1. The words “the Orient and the Occi­dent” mean 
(a) the West and the East respectively 
(b) the East and the West respectively 
(c) the North and the South respec­tively 
(d) the South and the North respec­tively 
2. The author believes that the difference between India and Europe in the 12th or 13th century was not very great because
(a) Indians and Europeans mixed freely
(b) Indians imitated the European way of living 
(c ) Europeans imitated the Indian way of living 
(d) Industrialization had not yet taken place 
3. In the opinion of the author, Industrializa­tion is 
(a) an absolute blessing 
(b) an absolute curse 
(c) neither a blessing nor a curse
(d) more of a curse than a blessing 
4. The author says that the mental life of the world is in a process of deterioration because the modem generation is
(a)endowed with low mental
(b) too lazy to exert its mental powers
(c)taught that physical activities are more important than mental 
(d)brought up in an environment unfavorable to the growth of the mental life
5. The title that best expresses the central idea of the passage is 
 (a) difference between the Occident and the Orient 
 (b) impact of Industrialization on our civilization 
 (c) advantages of Industrialization 
 (d) disadvantages of Industrialization