CDS English Questions Set 06: 9th April 2020

Over-population is the most pressing of India’s numerous and multi-faceted problems. In fact it has caused equally complex problems such as poverty, under-nourishment, unemployment and excessive fragmentation of land. Indisputably, this country has been facing a population explosion of crisis dimensions. It has largely diluted the fruits of the remarkable economic progress that the nation has made during the last four decades or so. The entire battle against poverty is thwarted by the rapid increase in the population. The tragedy is that while over-population accentuates poverty, the country’s stark poverty itself is in many areas a major cause of over-population.

1. What is the irony behind the over­ population of India? 
(a) Over-population gives birth to poverty, which (poverty) itself is the cause of over-population 
(b) Under nourishment and unem­ployment are outcomes of flawed economic progress 
(c) Fragmentation of land is leading to over-population 
(d) Fruits of the remarkable economic progress are trickling down to the poor 
2. What is the general tone of the passage? 
(a) funny / humorous 
(b) sombre 
(c) didactic 
(d) tragic 
3. What, in the author’s view, severely affects the economic growth of our country ? 
(a) poverty 
(b) illiteracy 
(c) over-population 
(d) None of the above 
4. What, according to the author, is the biggest reason behind over-population ? 
(a) under-nourishment 
(b) unemployment 
(c) excessive fragmentation of land 
(d) poverty 
5. “It has largely diluted the fruits of the remarkable economic progress”. Find antonym of the underlined word 
(a) coalesced 
(c) cheapened 
(d) consolidated
(b) compounded