CDS English Questions Set 04: 9th April 2020

Directions: Each item in this section consists of a sentence with an underlined word/words followed by four words. Select the option that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word/words and mark your response on your Answer Sheet accordingly. 
1. It was a mystery as to where the young girl had acquired such a naive belief. 
(a) credulous 
(b) childlike 
(c) wise' 
(d) innocent

2. It’s the only treatment suitable for cancer. 
(a) insufficient 
(b) impertinent 
(c) befitting 
(d) congenial 
3. Some of the criticisms which they had to put up were very unfair. 
(a) scold 
(b) scom 
(c) appreciation 
(d) censure 
4. I would beg of all friends not to rush to Birla house nor try to dissuade me or be anxious about me. 
C .careless
D. heedless 
5. It could not have been expected that, with such a bent of mind of the people, there should have been much activity for the cultivation of the physical sciences in this part of the world.
(a) dull
 (b) dormant
(c) indolence
 (d) idle 
6. Indian culture has been, from time immemorial, of a peculiar cast and mould. 
A. common
B. customary
C.  natural
D. familiar 
7. The princess charming was the centre of attraction today. 
(a) enchanting 
(b) hypnotic 
(c) repulsive 
(d) fascinating 
8. Macbeth is a/an abominable figure. 
(a) abhorrent 
(b) repugnant 
(c) reputable 
(d) attractive 
9. Terrorists profess fanatical ideology. 
(a) bigoted 
(b) militant 
(c) moderate 
(d) fervid 
10. Rakesh is vulnerable to political pressure. 
(a) weak 
(b) unguarded 
(c) exposed 
(d) resilient