CDS English Questions Set 01: 9th April 2020

Directions: Each item in this section consists of a sentence with an underlined word/words followed by four words. Select the option that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word/words and mark your response on your Answer Sheet accordingly.
1. A truly respectable old man is a ripe person. 
(a) senior 
(b) mature 
(c) perfect 
(d) seasoned
2. The soldiers repulsed the enemy. 
(a) defeated 
(b) destroyed 
(c) rejected 
(d) repelled 
3. She deftly masked her feelings. 
(a) hid 
(b) flaunted 
(c) oblique 
(d) obscured 
4. Vendors must have licence. 
(a) One who drives a car 
(b) One who works in a hospital 
(c) One who is employed in food serving 
(d) One engaged in selhng 
5. They will not admit children under fourteen. 
(a) avow 
(b) receive 
(c) accept 
(d) concede 
6. The jewels have been stolen from her bedroom. 
(a) embezzled 
(b) asserted 
(c) yielded 
(d) abdicated 
7. The soldier showed an exemplary courage. 
(a) flawed 
(b) faulty 
(c) ideal 
(d) boisterous 
8. They served fruits after the dinner. 
(a) assisted 
(b) obliged 
(c) waited 
(d) offered 
9. The committee should recommend his name to the government. 
(a) praise 
(b) advise 
(c) counsel
(d) suggest 
10. Can medicines save us from death ? 
(a) hide 
(b) rescue 
(c) protect 
(d) liberate