Top 50 Monthly Current Affairs Objective Quiz-MCQ of February 2020

Monthly Feb 2020 Current Affairs Objective
1.            Country is the free travel for Indian Passport holders?
A.           Sri Lanka
B.           Maldives
C.           Bhutan
D.           Pakistan
Answer: option C
Solution: ending the provision of free entry for Indian tourist into the country ,Bhutan announce that it will pay the fee of rupees thousand two hundred percent from July 2020 .for children below the age of 6 and 12 years of fee of rupees 600 needs to be paid .the free, called as sustainable development fee is a Provision recently introduced by the bhutanese government to help regulate the heavy tourist traffic in the country.

2.            Who has been appointed British High commissioner to the republic of India?
A.           Philip Barton
B.           Dominic Aswuith
C.           Kanji Hiramatsu
D.           Austin Fernando
Answer: option A
Solution: Sir philip barton as the new British High commissioner to India. to succeed outgoing and why sir Dominic asquith is currently the Director General of consular and secretary at the FCO and has previously been acting share of the joint intelligence committee at the UK cabinet office.
3.            Which country does Prince unveil a children's protection fund for India?
A.           Saudi Arabia
B.           Britain
C.           UAE
D.           Qatar
Answer: option B
Solution: Britain's Prince Charles unveils a new children's protection for India as part of British Asian. trust Charity founded by him in 2007 to fight poverty in South Asia. America singer Katy Perry was named as the ambassador of the new fund .
4.            Indian Oil Corp has signed deal with which country for the annual purchase of two million metric tons of crude oil?
A.           USA
B.           Iraq
C.           Russia
D.           Iran
Answer: option C
Solution: Russian state owned firm rosneft signed an agreement with Indian Oil Corporation for exporting to million tonnes of Furious grade oil in India this year. the crude purchase agreement with Indian Oil was signed during a meeting between Union list of petroleum and natural gas and steel Dharmendra Pradhan and rosneft Chairman and CEO Igor Sechin.
5.            Pinelopi Koujianous Goldberg recently resigned she was the former Chief economist of which bank?
A.           International monetary fund
B.           World bank
C.           Reserve bank of India
D.           European central bank
Answer: option B
Solution: World Bank chief economist pinelopi koujianou Goldberg resigned from her post.she will step down from her post on March 1 to return to teaching at Yale University in Connecticut United States.
6.            Which Mammal is identified as the host of the virus by the researcher of China?
A.           Penguin
B.           Chameleons
C.           Salamander
D.           Pangolin
Answer: option D
Solution: most traffic mammal of Asia, pangolin was identified as a host of the virus by the researchers of China according to resources of China ,636 people in China have started from market in one City through angolan there are 8 species of Bengal in all over the world.
7.            World’s first Bulletproof helmet has developed by______
A.           DRDO
B.           Indian army
C.           Ordnance factory
D.           None of these
Answer: option B
Solution: Indian army has developed the world’s first bulletproof helmet which withstands even an Ak-47 bullet round from a distance of 10 meters.
8.            Which country will contain the third gender for the first time in its population?
A.           Bangladesh
B.           India
C.           Nepal
D.           Pakistan
Answer: option C
Solution: Nepal will count the third gender in its next population census for the first time counting LGBT people as minority groups that can be allowed are located government jobs and education.
9.            1st disha police station has inaugurated in which state to work on violence against women?
A.           Telangana
B.           Andra Pradesh
C.           Jharkand
D.           Hariyana
Answer: option B
Solution:  Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister y s Jaganmohan Reddy on Saturday inaugurated Disha police station in theRajamahendravaram city to address heinous crimes against women and children in Andhra Pradesh.
10.         Pension fund regulatory  Development Authority has increased the minimum networth for Pension Fund managers from 25 crores to ____ crores?
A.           75 crores
B.           50 crores
C.           125 crores
D.           200 crores
Answer: option B
Solution:  Pension Fund regulatory and Development Authority has doubled the minimum networth criteria for Pension Fund managers to rupees 50 crore from Rs 25 crores.
11.         Indian Institute of Management Bangalore has been ranked _____ in  MOOC labs business school ranking 2020.
A.           5th
B.           8th
C.           11th
D.           3rd
Answer: option D
Solution: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore has been ranked third in MOOC labs business school ranking 20-20 on account of others design delivery and provision of massive open online courses.
12.         Armed duplantis has broken the pole vault world record set by Renault lavillenie of France.  Armed duplantis represents which country?
A.           USA
B.           Sweden
C.           Australia
D.           Russia
Answer: option B
Solution: sweden’s pole vaulter armand duplantis has broken the pole vault World Record set by Renaud Lavillenie of France Renault set the previous world record of 6.16 mts in February 2014 in Donetsk Ukraine.
13.         National Conference on e-governance 2020 held in which city?
A.           New Delhi
B.           Hyderabad
C.           Mumbai
D.           Bengaluru
Answer: option C
Solution: National Conference on e-governance 2020 concluded in Mumbai. the Mumbai declaration on e-governance has been and muesli adopted the theme of the conference in India 2020 digital transformation.
14.         Padmashree award e Giriraj Kishor recently passed away he was a_____
A.           Singer
B.           Novelist
C.           Journalist
D.           Poet
Answer: option B
Solution: well known Hindi novelist and Padmashree awardee Girija Kishore passed away. Girija Kishore was best known for his Novel “Pehla Girmitya" which was based on Mahatma Gandhi stay in South Africa.
15.         Kaamya karthikeyan has become the youngest girl in the world to climb_______
A.           Mt Aconcagua
B.           Kangchenjunga
C.           Mt. Lhotse
D.           Mount Everest
Answer: option A
Solution: kaamya karthikeyan, a class seven student of navy children school. In Mumbai became the youngest girl in the world to climb mt.Aconcagua which is the highest peak in South America .
16.         The national reworking day is observed on which day
A.           11 February
B.           9 February
C.           10 February
D.           12 February
Answer: option C
Solution: The national reworking day is observed across the country on 10th February every year. The main objective of the day is to rework all preschool and school-age children between 1-19 years of age through the platform of schools and anganwadi center. The day aims to improve the overall health,nutritional status , access to education and quality of life of the children.
17.         Aditya Mehta won the national snooker championship after defeating panna adhai. national snooker championship held in which city
A.           Mumbai
B.           Pune
C.           Bhubaneswar
D.           New Delhi
Answer: option B
Solution: Aditya Mehta defeated multiple-time world champion panna adhai to win the national snooker championship held in Pune. VIDYA pills of Karnataka Defeated Americans ksmani of Madhya Pradesh to win the women's title of the national snooker championship.
18.         The 13th conference of parties (COP) of the convention on conservation of migratory species of wild animals will be held in which country
A.           Australia
B.           Philippine
C.           USA
D.           India
Answer: option D
Solution: The 13th conference of parties (COP) of the convention on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals (CMS), an environmental treaty under the aegis of the United nations environment programme, is going to be hosted by India during 15th to 22nd February 2020 at Gandhinagar in Gujarat.
19.         which organisation has approved the founding of USD 2 million to combat the spread of novel coronavirus?
A.           Asian development bank
B.           International monetary fund
C.           World bank
D.           RBI
Answer: option A
Solution: The asian development bank has approved 2 million dollars in New funding to support efforts to combat the spread of novel corona Virus .the funds will supplement ongoing Reginal technical assistance and strengthen response capacity in Cambodia,China,Laos, Myanmar , Thailand and Vietnam
20.         _______ established a “Science and applied research alliance and the support “to promote innovation research and development and skill development?
A.           Northern coalfields limited
B.           Coal India limited
C.           Hindalco industries limited
D.           None of these
Answer: option A
Solution: Coal India flagship subsidiary Northern coalfields limited has set up a centre name “science and applied research alliance and support” to promote innovation ,research and development, and skill development along with improving the company’s operational efficiency and utilise resources at an optimum level.
21.         Who has received the mistake Kalinga literary award?
A.           Manoj Das
B.           Vikram Seth
C.           Anita Desai
D.           Jhumpa Lahari
Answer: option A
Solution: writer Manoj Das who recently received the Padma Bhushan for his contribution to English and Odia literature, has been honoured with the Mystic Kalinga literary award for Indian and global languages.
22.         33rd African Union Summit was held in Addis Ababa to tackle terrorism in the continent .Addis Ababa is the capital of which country?
A.           Eritrea
B.           Ethiopia
C.           Indonesia
D.           Tanzania
Answer: option B
Solution: The 33rd African Union Summit was held in Addis Ababa which is the capital of Ethiopia to tackle terrorism in the continent .the theme of this Summit is “silencing the guns”.
23.         Prime minister of Sri Lanka is?
A.           Mahinda Rajapaksa
B.           Gotabaya Rajapaksa
C.           Sheikh Hasina
D.           Ashraf Ghani
Answer: option A
Solution: Mahinda Rajapaksa is the present prime minister of Sri Lanka and the current President in Gotabaya Rajapaksha.PM Narendra Modi and PM of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa deliberated on ties between the two Nations when PM of Sri Lanka visited India.
24.         Signed an agreement on jet engine technology development with which country?
A.           China
B.           US
C.           United kingdom
D.           Russia
Answer: option C
Solution: the United Kingdom has signed a government to government agreement on Chatterjee technology development and ointment was made by the UK Minister of Defence procurement James heappey.
25.         National Company Law Tribunal has approved the merger of loss making Telecom from Tata Teleservices with which company?
A.           Reliance
B.           Bharti Airtel
C.           BSNL
D.           Vodafone idea
Answer: National Company Law Tribunal has approved the merger of loss making Telecom from Tata Teleservices with Bharti Airtel.
26.         Which city “Art from Waste “Museum has been opened
A.           Ganjam
B.           Lucknow
C.           Lothal
D.           Patna
Answer: option A
Solution: open air ‘Art from Waste’Museum being developed by the students of Odisha Government managed industrial training institute Berhampur in Ganjam district dedicated to the public.
27.         Which state has announced and internship scheme for 10th Eastern internship scheme for 10th 12th and graduate students to brighten employment prospects?
A.           Assam
B.           Delhi
C.           Haryana
D.           Uttar Pradesh
Answer: option D
Solution: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced that this government will give an internship scheme for 10th 12th and graduate students of the state to brighten employment prospects.
28.         In which state was Hunar Haat inaugurated?
A.           Odisha
B.           Chhattisgarh
C.           Madhya Pradesh
D.           Uttar Pradesh
Answer: option C
Solution: Governor Lalji Tandon inaugurated hunar Haat in Indore ,Madhya Pradesh along with Union Minister of ministry of Minority affairs Mukthtar has become a “mega mission “of indigenous craft question and culture and economic empowerment of Master artist craftsman were also present on this occasion .
29.         World pulses Day is observed on?
A.           9 February
B.           10 February
C.           12 February
D.           15 February
Answer : option B
Solution: world pulses day is a day established by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations Organisation importance of pulses as a global food it has this signature as February 10 every years 2019 in the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly on this December 20 ,2018.
30.         Aditya Mehta won the national snooker championship after defeating pankaj Advani. National snooker championship held in which city?
A.           Mumbai
B.           Pune
C.           Bhubaneswar
D.           New Delhi
Answer: option B
Solution: Aditya Mehta defeated multiple time world champion Pankaj Advani to win the national snooker Championship held in Pune .vidya pillai of Karnataka defeated Ammee kamani of Madhya Pradesh to win the women's title of national snooker Championship.
31.         The following have come up with the bullet proof jacket named’ Bhaba Kavach’?
A.           Defence research and development organisation
B.           Leonardo Aerospace defence and security India Private Limited
C.           Central industrial security forces
D.           Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Answer: Baba Kavach bullet proof jacket ,is developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre it is a light level III plus bullet proof jacket its weight is 6.8 kg. is it is based on in the genius hot pressure Boron carbide and carbon nanotube technology is this bullet proof jacket will be used by our central armed police forces.
32.         Recently which of the following state government has come up with the ‘Ground water Act, 2020'?
A.           Uttar Pradesh
B.           Madhya Pradesh
C.           Haryana
D.           Punjab
Answer: option A
Solution: The Uttar Pradesh cabinet on 11th February approved the ‘ groundwater act 2020’. Key provisions of the act: Registration of  submersible in mandatory. farmers and domestic uses need not be any fees to the use farms rainwater harvesting is mandatory in on private schools and colleges.
33.         What was the theme of this year’s ‘International Day of women and girls in science’?
A.           Investment in women and girls in Science for inclusion economic growth
B.           Investment in women and girls in Science for inclusive economic development
C.           Investment in women and girls in Science for gender neutral society
D.           Investment in women and girls in Science for inclusive green growth
Answer: option D
Solution: every year international day of women and girls in science is observed on 11 February by the United Nations day is celebrated all over the world to recognise the role played by girls and women in Science and Technology.
34.         For gaganyaan mission, four Indian astronauts being training at Green Resort and just cosmonaut Training Centre located in_____
A.           USA
B.           China
C.           Russia
D.           South Korea
Answer: option C
Solution: Gagarin Research and Test  cosmonaut training centres in Russia these four selected as figure palace of the Indian Airforce .after the end of all training module in India and Russia, one or two will be finally name two circle the earth in gaganyan mission which is planned around 2022.
35.         BIMSTEC Disaster management Exercise 2020 is hosted by which of the following ?
A.           National disaster response force of Government of India
B.           National disaster management agency of government of Sri Lanka
C.           National disaster management agency of government of Myanmar
D.           National disaster management agency of government of Bangladesh
Answer: option A
Solution: BIMSTEC disaster management 2020 ,was held in Bhubaneswar on 11th February it is hosted the national disaster response force of the Government of India. this was the Second Edition of the disaster management exercise .
36.         Competition commission of India (CCI) is a ?
A.           Constitution body
B.           Non-constitutional body
C.           Statutory body
D.           Quasi-judicial body
Answer: option C
Solution: recently, CCI approves a joint venture between mahindra & mahindra and ford motor. Competition commission of India is a statutory body of the central government. The competition Act of 2002. Had given a statutory status to this body . It was established on 14th October 2003. CCI aims to prevent activities that have an appreciable adverse effect on competition in India.
37.         Who has taken over the command of Indian navy’s Eastern fleet?
A.           Sanjay vatsayan
B.           Suraj berry
C.           Puruvir Das
D.           Sanjay Roye
Answer: option A
Solution: rear Admiral Sanjay vatsayan to command of Eastern Fleet. The eastern fleet are Frontline worship of Indian Navy which are deployed in the indo-pacific region .the major responsibility of the Eastern feet is to safeguard India's ma time interest in the indo-pacific region.
38.         ‘van Dhan scheme' is an initiative of _______
A.           Ministry of Tribal affairs
B.           Ministry of environment , forest and climate change
C.           Ministry of rural development
D.           Ministry of agriculture
Answer: option A
Solution: ‘van Dhan scheme ‘ was launched in is an initiative of the ministry of Tribal Affairs and tribal Cooperative marketing development Federation of India. It seeks to improve tribal rain comes true value addition of tribal products and the scheme The Ministry of Tribal Affairs is the nodal development at the Central level while TRIFED is a nodal agency at the national level
39.         Which of the following publishers the ‘state of the world’s children Report ‘?
A.           World Health Organisation
B.           United national children’s fund
C.           United national development programme
D.           United States agency for international development
Answer: option B
Solution: ‘state of the worlds children report ‘is an annual report published by the United Nations children’s fund every year as per the 2019 report India is under five mortality rate in 37 for thousand life was against Global average of 39 per thousand livebirth 2018.
40.         Every year the world Unani Day celebrated on 11 February on the birth anniversary of_____
A.           Susrutha
B.           Upendra nath Brahmachari
C.           Atreya
D.           Hakim Ajmal khan
Answer: option D
Solution: world Unani Day celebrated every year on 11th of February on the birth anniversary of Hakim Ajmal Khan. Hakim Ajmal Khan was an Indian physician and a social reformer .he was one of the founding members of Jamia Millia Islamia. He also established an ayurvedic and Unani college in Delhi.
41.         Going to host the national winter games under khelo India?
A.           Gulmarg
B.           Delhi
C.           Bangalore
D.           Chennai
Answer: option A
Solution: Gulmarg will host fayde National winter games on 7th March under khelo India in winter games there are going to be 30 events and 4 disciplines that is snowboarding, snow skiing,cross-country and snow show
42.         Which city will host the 6th edition of Sindhu Mahotsav?
A.           Noida
B.           Gulmarg
C.           Pune
D.           Mumbai
Answer: option C
Solution: the sixth edition of Sindhu Mahotsav ,festival to showcase classical forms of dance, will be held in Pune on 14th and 15th February .it will be organised by ‘sankhya dance company’. in Association with ‘Punam Gokale’s Mudra centre of performing arts.
43.         The following has recently notified medical equipment as drugs?
A.           Government of Science and Technology
B.           Union Health ministry
C.           Ministry of women and child development
D.           Ministry Of Social justice and empowerment
Answer: option B
Solution: the Union Health ministry has recently notified medical equipment used on humans are animals are “drugs” in order to ensure standards in medical instruments with effect from April 1, 2020 on important are locally manufactured molecules devices sold in India would be required to clear some quality standards before they are introduced in the Indian market.
44.         Which of the following is India’s noisiest City?
A.           Delhi
B.           Mumbai
C.           Chennai
D.           Bangalore
Answer: option C
Solution: Central pollution control board, chennai is the noiseiest Metro city in India. Across Chennai 10 stations average noise levels during the day was 67.8 is much higher than the equivalent figure for Delhi(61).
45.         ‘yara Virus ‘ was discovered in _____
A.           Brazil
B.           China
C.           USA
D.           India
Answer: option A
Solution: scientist and Brazil have identified virus name is entirely new to science the virus name Yara virus was named after Yaara aur Lara water Queen figure in Brazilian mythology.
46.         The campaign ‘#Pehlesafety' is launched by ?
A.           Minister of Information and Technology
B.           Ministry of road transport and highways
C.           National payments Corporation of India
D.           Google India
Answer: option D
Solution: ‘#pahlesafety’is launched by Google India campaign names to create awareness about internet safety. to make the happiness success Google India is working with top YouTube influences to spread the word on online safety.
47.         Which of the following launched ‘Apiary on wheels’ initiative?
A.           Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises
B.           Ministry of Rural Development
C.           Ministry of Agriculture
D.           Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Answer: option A
Solution: ‘Apiary on wheels ‘ recently flagged off by the union Ministry of ministry of micro small and medium enterprises .the main aim of ‘Apiary on wheels’ is to make Migration of bee boxes easy.
48.         Indian Naval Academy is located in_____
A.           Goa
B.           Kerala
C.           Delhi
D.           Mumbai
Answer: option B
Solution: Indian Naval Academy is initial officer training establishment of the Indian Navy and the Indian coast guard ,location in Ezhimala, Kannur district Kerala.
49.         The following cities will host the national organic food festival
A.           New Delhi
B.           Mumbai
C.           Noida
D.           Hyderabad
Answer: option A
Solution: National organic food festival will be hosted by the government of India at Jawaharlal station in New Delhi between February 21 and 23, 2020 .the event aims to boost Organic products and promote women entrepreneurship in Organic products.
50.         Who is the chairman of the recently appointed ‘Groupon difference and International Security’ by 15 finance commission?
A.           Shri. N.K Singh
B.           Shri. A.N jha
C.           Shri sushil Kumar
D.           Shri Ritesh Sharma
Answer: option A
Solution: 15th finance commission has formed a v member group on ‘defence and internal security ‘.N.K singh is the chairman of this Commission the home secretary and Defence Secretary will be the members of the group among others.