Top 50 Monthly Current Affairs Objective Quiz-MCQ of March 2020

March 2020 Current Affairs Objective
1.            The air craft (Amendment) bill 2020 convert which of the following into statutory bodies
A.           Directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA)
B.           Bureau of civil aviation security (BCAS)
C.           Both A and B
D.           None of the above
Answer: option C
Solution: The aircraft (Amendment) bill which seeks to amend the aircraft act of 1934 has proposes to convert the existing regulatory bodies namely the Directorate General of civil aviation (DGCA), Bureau civil aviation (BCAS), and aircraft accidents investigation Bureau (AAIB) into statutory bodies.  The authorities will then be added by a Director-general who will be appointed by the central government.

2.            The 2020 summer Olympics is planned to be held in which of the following countries
A.           Tokyo, Japan
B.           Shanghai, China
C.           Buenos Aires, Argentina
D.           Kyoto, Japan
Answer: option A
Solution: prime minister of Japan shinzo Abe pledged that the Tokyo Olympics will be held in July as planned and will not be postponed in the wake of the corona virus pandemic. The Japanese parliament had approved legislation recently which gives prime minister shinzo Abe power to declare an emergency to combat COVID – 19.
3.            The joint military exercise “African lion" is between which two countries
A.           Morocco and France
B.           USA and Morocco
C.           Tunisia and Morocco
D.           France and Tunisia
Answer: option B
Solution: The military exercise “African Lion" between the United States of American and Morocco has been cancelled due to the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) according to the directives of US-Africa command (AFRICOM) . The African lion is an annual multinational exercise designed to improve the tactics,interoperability and mutual understanding of partner nations.
4.            HIL (india) in association with which of the following banks has launched the customer payment portal
A.           State Bank of India
B.           Syndicate bank
C.           Canara bank
D.           Union bank of India
Answer: option D
Solution: HIL (india) limited, previously known as Hindustan insecticides limited, under the ministry of chemical and fertilizers, department of chemical and petrochemical, in association with union bank of India, has announced the launch of a customer payment portal. The portal aims to make the collection of dues and payment.
5.            The G20 Riyadh summit will be held by
A.           India
B.           Canada
C.           UAE
D.           Saudi Arabia
Answer: option D
Solution: Saudi Arabia will hold the 2020 G20 summit chair, which will host the G20 Riyadh summit through a virtual medium following on the footsteps of SASRC to contain the spread of the corona virus.  The G20 is made up of European and 19 countries. The countries are Australia,Argentina,China, Canada, Germany, France, India, Italy, Indonesia.
6.            The newly launched Topaz ferry has been launched between which two places ?
A.           Mumbai and Mandwa
B.           Mandwa and tarkali
C.           Mumbai and panjim
D.           Mumbai and pandre
Answer: option A
Solution: roll on roll off come passenger ferry services ,have been launched between Mumbai and mandwa near Alibaug , on 15th March 2020 in the presence of Union Minister of state for shipping Mansukh mandaviya and Maharashtra port and Maritime board officials.
7.            The recent joint Air exercise between Indian Airforce and Myanmar Airforce was conducted with the theme?
A.           Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief
B.           Information exchange on military operations
C.           Improving connectivity
D.           Undertaking infrastructure development
Answer: option A
Solution: the joint exercise between Indian Air Force and Myanmar Air Force was conducted with the team humanitarian assistance and disaster relief(HADR) at the exercise was conducted under the guidance of headquarters central air command, Indian Air Force (IAF)and show the participation of a 20 members theme of IAF.
8.            Chemical free sanitizer has been developed by scientists from?
A.           CSIR- Indian Institute of toxicology Research
B.           CSIR Institute of microbial Technology
C.           CSIR- institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology
D.           CSIR -indian Institute of integrative medicine
Answer: option C
Solution: sanitizer development by the scientist of CSIR Institute of Himalayan Bio resource Technology (CSIR-IHBT)uses natural flavours, activity construct constituents and alcohol content as per the guidelines put forward by the World Health Organisation the hand sanitizer is free from Chemicals like parabeans, triclosan, phthalates and synthetic fragrance.
9.            India and Norway recently opened the Indian Norway Task Force for sustainable development, is to be operated for which of the following?
A.           Blue economy
B.           Green economy
C.           Brown economy
D.           Golden economy
Answer: option A
Solution: the India Norway task force on Blue economy for sustainable development was opened by minister for Earth science Dr Harshvardhan and Norway minister for climate and environment, Mr. Sveinung Rotevatn, in order to combat marine litter. countries have also join hands for few collaboration on integrated Ocean management and research.
10.         The new managing director of power Finance Corporation is?
A.           Ravinder Singh Dhillon
B.           Arun Gupta
C.           Ramesh Babu
D.           H Sankara
Answer: option A
Solution: The  appointments committee of the cabinet (ACC)appointed Ravinder Singh Birha as the Chairman and managing director of power Finance Corporation(PFC) the appointments committee of the cabinet is shared by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
11.         Ordnance Factory day is celebrated on which of the following?
A.           10th March
B.           18th March
C.           12th March
D.           20th March
Answer: option B
Solution: Ordnance Factory day was celebrated on 18th March 2020 and Day celebrated every year in India. this year ordnance factories where observing their 219 Foundation Day on March 18th the first Ordnance Factory now the named as the ‘gun and shell factory’ at cheaper in Kolkata.
12.         Who wrote the book my ‘Encounters in Parliament’?
A.           Bhalchandra mungekar
B.           Venkaiah Naidu
C.           Chetan Bhagat
D.           Somnath Chatterjee
Answer: option A
Solution: the book titled “my encounter in Parliament “written by Chandra Mungekar  was released on 18th March bhalchandra Mungekar is an Indian Economics of former member of Rajya Sabha.
13.         Who has been appointed as the managing director of Google Cloud in India?
A.           Satya Nadella
B.           Sundar pichai
C.           Karan Bajwa
D.           Rajiv Kumar
Answer: option C
Solution: 18th March 2020 Karan Bajwa was appointed as the managing director of Google Cloud in India. current was was there with IBM.
14.         What is the theme of the biennial “world cities summit" organised by Singapore?
A.           Livable and sustainable cities: adapting to a disrupted world
B.           Green and clean living preparing for future
C.           Cities adaption for better life
D.           Adapting to climate change
Answer: option A
Solution: the theme of “World cities Summit “for the year 2020 is liable and sustainable cities that happen to a distracted world. the Summit is held in conjunction with the clean environment Summit Singapore and the Singapore International water week. the Summit held once in 2 years ,in an exclusive platform for experts from Government and industries to address challenges of liable and sustainable cities.
15.         The Book title “invincible a tribute to Manohar parrikar “is written by______
A.           Sadguru Patil and Mayabhushan nagvenkar
B.           Purnima singh and Raveendra shetty
C.           Tarun vijay
D.           Shriped Nail
Answer: option C
Solution: The book title” invincible a tribute to Manohar parrikar “has been authored by Tarun Vijay who belongs to the Bharatiya Janata party. it has been published by Penguin random publishing house.
16.         First human trial of a vaccine against COVID- 19 began in seattle,US .what is the name of the vaccine?
A.           mRNA-1233
B.           mRNA-1723
C.           mRNA-1273
D.           tRNA-1273
Answer: option C
Solution: name of the vaccine is mRNA-1273 and is developed by the scientists National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases in Association with the bio technological company moderna.
17.         The “innovate for accessible india" initiative has been launched in Association with_______
A.           Accenture
B.           Microsoft
C.           Google
D.           Amazon
Answer: option B
Solution: National Association of software and services companies along with Microsoft India has launched their innovative for accessible India campaign sum of the areas that will be at the focus of the initiative r e governance livelihood skill improvement and health.
18.         Road safety media followership award 2019 was given to_____
A.           Raveendra shetty
B.           Prachi salve
C.           Purnima singh
D.           None of the above
Answer: option B
Solution: Pradeep Dwivedi working for Dainik  Jagran and Prachi salve from India spend jointly won the first prize in the road safety media policy 2019 .winners of the award selected by a jury of 3 members.
19.         Which of the following payment banks will issue Visa debit cards to its customers?
A.           Airtel payments Bank
B.           Aditya Birla  Idea payments Bank
C.           India post payments Bank
D.           Paytm payments Bank
Answer: option D
Solution: Paytm payments bank has announced that it will issue its customers Visa debit card to enable them to make transaction at merchant shops where ever cards are accepted .the debit card will also allows customers to make international transactions.
20.         The recently launched Swavalamban Express to promote business aspirants has been announced by which of the following?
A.           SIDBI
B.           NABARD
C.           EXIM BANK
D.           Ministry of Railways
Answer: option A
Solution: the small industries Development Bank of India on 19th March announce the Swavalamban Express the train will visit 11:00 city is known for entrepreneurship which will include Jammu, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai ,Varanasi ,Kolkata ,Bhubaneswar Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.
21.         A committee has been formed by the 15th finance commission to review fiscal consolidation roadmap who is the chairman of the commission?
A.           Anoop Singh
B.           Ashok Lahiri
C.           N.K. Singh
D.           Arvind Mehta
Answer: option C
Solution: the 15 finance commission constituted A committee under the chairmanship of Shri Nand Kishore Singh to be the fiscal consolidation roadmap for the states and Centre. this committee will provide a recommendation for the definitions of debt and deficit.
22.         Canadian paleontologists have linked human hands to the fins of fish by examining the fossils of_____
A.           Elpistostege
B.           Calyptraphorus velatus
C.           Venericardia planicosta
D.           Bambiraptor Feinbergi
Answer: option A
Solution: canadian paleontologists have linked human hands to the fins  of fish by  examining the fossils of “Elpistostege “. The fossil of Elpistostege represents the crucial stage of translation of fish into vertebrate living on land.
23.         What is the theme of International Day of forest celebrated on 21 March 2020?
A.           Forest and education
B.           Forest and biodiversity
C.           Forests and sustainable cities
D.           Forests and water
Answer: option B
Solution: the International Day of forest is celebrated on 21 March as it is the vernal Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and atom null Equinox in the southern hemisphere.
24.         The “Tech for tribal” initiative has been launched by____
A.           Tribal Cooperative marketing development Federation of India
B.           Tribal Research Institute
C.           National Commission for scheduled tribes
D.           National Scheduled Tribes finance and Development Corporation
Answer: option A
Solution: The “Tech for tribal “initiative was launched by tribal Cooperative marketing development Federation of India in Association with institutes of national importance which are Institute of Social Science Bhubaneswar.
25.         Which country has topped the world happiness report 2020 launched by the United Nations?
A.           India
B.           Norway
C.           Bhutan
D.           Finland
Answer: option D
Solution: in the eighth world happiness report released by United Nations on 20 March 2020. on the International Day of happiness 2020 .Finland has secured the first rank in the report in India is placed at the 144. in total 156 countries were assessed  for the rankings.
26.         India has signed a deal of rupees 880 crore for light machine guns with which country?
A.           Israel
B.           US
C.           UAE
D.           Russia
Answer: option A
Solution: Indian armed forces operating under the ministry of defence signed an agreement with Israel weapons industry under India will procure 16,479 light machine guns called Ne give for rupees 880 crores.
27.         Theme of World Sparrow day 2020 is _____
A.           Sparrow and men
B.           I love sparrows
C.           World of sparrows
D.           Sparrows household happiness
Answer: option B
Solution: the theme for World Sparrow day 2020 is” I love sparrows” every year 20 March is celebrated as world Sparrow day to create awareness about the bird. it is a hope that with this team more people will join several events and campaigns to protect the sparrows.
28.         What is the name of chatbot created by the Indian government for WhatsApp to answer queries on coronavirus?
A.           MyGov Corona helpdesk
B.           Corona info
C.           Chatbot-19
D.           Corona helpdesk
Answer: option A
Solution: WhatsApp chatbot called”MyGov Corona helpdesk “ has been created by the government for queries on Nobel korona virus COVID-19. Automated response can be received related to go on a budget saving the number 9013151515 on WhatsApp.
29.         What is the theme of World down syndrome day 2020?
A.           We decide
B.           Leave no one behind
C.           What I bring to workplace
D.           My voice my community
Answer: option A
Solution: the theme of World down syndrome 2020 we decide .it is is celebrated every year on 21 March and was first started in 2006 .the Day 21 march was elected to mark the unique property of tribe location of the 21st chromosome due to which down syndrome is caused.
30.         The border roads organisation has opened a bridge constructed in North Sikkim over which river?
A.           Rangeet river
B.           Lachung river
C.           Teesta river
D.           Lachen river
Answer: option C
Solution: On 21 March 2020 the border Road organisation open The Bridge constructed under project Swastik across Teesta river which has a length of three sixty feet .that is the river is a tributary of the river and flows through the state of West Bengal and Sikkim into the Bay of Bengal after travelling through Bangladesh.
31.         Who of the following mountaineers is the first Indian to climb all the volcanoes on all the seven continents?
A.           Bachendri pal
B.           Premlata Agarwal
C.           Arunima Sinha
D.           Satyarup Siddhartha
Answer: option D
Solution: satyarup Siddhanta ,Indian mountaineer has entered ‘Limca Book of Records ‘for becoming the first Indian to climb the highest volcanoes on all the seven continents in the world .
32.         What is the theme of World Water Day?
A.           Water and environment
B.           Water and climate change
C.           Leaving no one behind
D.           Water and climate
Answer: option B
Solution: the theme of World Water Day for the year 2020 is “water and climate change” the World Water Day celebrated every year on 22 March since 1993, by the United Nations along with various other organisations all over the world. it is dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of freshwater.
33.         What is the name of the full form of RAISE 2020, the first artificial intelligence summit to be held in India?
A.           Responsible AL for social empowerment 2020
B.           Responsible  Al for scientific empowerment 2020
C.           Rebooting Al for social empowerment 2020
D.           Rebooting Al for scientific encouragement 2020.
Answer: option A
Solution: the first artificial intelligence Summit of the country called RAISE that was to be conducted between 11 -12 April 2020 has been postponed by the central government to October 2020 to contain the square of the coronavirus.
34.         Who has been appointed as the managing director of International Data Corporation for India and South Asia?
A.           Rakesh mohan Agarwal
B.           Amitabh Banerjee
C.           Vasant Rao
D.           Reep Hazarika
Answer: option C
Solution: on 20 March 2020 United States based International Data Corporation(IDC) appointed Vasantrao as the Managing Director for IDC India and South Asia International Data corporation is United States based market research film and offer Sourcing advisory ,analysis ,customer behaviour study, and planned research services.
35.         Which is the national department for the Pradhan Mantri van Dhan Yojana?
A.           Ministry of social justice and empowerment
B.           Ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship
C.           Ministry of Tribal affairs
D.           Ministry of agriculture and farmers welfare
Answer: option C
Solution: Pradhanmantri jandhan Yojana is a program of the tribal Corporation Marketing development federation and Ministry of Tribal Affairs the PMVDY schemes was launched in 2018 and with the objective of improving tribal in comes true value addition of tribal products.
36.         Rushikulya coast in Odisha is famously known for ______
A.           Sundarbans Tigers
B.           Olive Ridley Turtles
C.           Crocodiles
D.           Blue jay
Answer: option B
Solution: The lepidochelys olivacea is the scientific name of the more commonly known Olive ridley turtle which have the most abundant and smallest of All Sea Turtles found in the world. the Turtles in habit warm waters of the Indian , Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.
37.         What Is the new proposed name for the mumbai central station approved by the maharashtra cabinet?
A.           Chhatrapati shivaji central station
B.           Balasaheb Thackeray central station.
C.           Sachin Tendulkar central station
D.           Nana shankarseth station
Answer: option D
Solution: Maharashtra cabinet sanctioned the proposal to rename the Mumbai Central station to nana ShankarSeth on 12th march. the final decision on the proposal will be taken by the central railways. minister of Railways the name change of the state or any institution is usually done to change the name given to it by the British to the local pronunciation.
38.         Which state has been imposed in India to fight against COVID-19?
A.           Epidemic disease act, 1897
B.           Environment protection act, 1897?
C.           Indian nursing council act , 1897
D.           Drugs and cosmetics act , 1897
Answer: option A
Solution: The section 2 of the epidemic disease act ,1897 has been in work by the group of ministers from the Government of India in order to fight against the epidemic covid-19 commonly known as coronavirus.
39.         Which of the following banks are open and emergency credit line to meet liquidity demands?
A.           ICICI
B.           RBI
C.           HDFC
D.           SBI
Answer: option D
Solution: India’s largest inter State Bank of India has open an emergency credit line to meet the liquidity requirements of the borrower the bank will provide funds upto rupees 200 crores till 30 June 2020 credit line by the bank will be available to all standardized accounts which are not classified as SMA 1 and SMA 2.
40.         To promote Bell crank Park the Government of India has announced grants in aid to States with the maximum limit of rs________ crore
A.           500 crores
B.           1000 crores
C.           3000 crores
D.           800 crores
Answer: option B
Solution: to promote the bulk drug parks,the Indian government will provide grains in add two States with maximum limit of rupees thousand crore per bulk drug park the grants in aid scheme on prevention of drug parksville finance, infrastructure facilities in 3 bulk drug parks that will cost rupees 3000 crores in the next five years.
41.         Which of the following states has implemented the e-night beat checking system?
A.           Himachal Pradesh
B.           Karnataka
C.           Uttarakhand
D.           Madhya Pradesh
Answer: option A
Solution: the state government of Himachal Pradesh has launched the e-night checking system and police station Vistiters service system for Himachal Pradesh police in Shimla on 19 March 2020.
42.         Which of the following countries held  to extend its President Alpha condes rule?
A.           Guinea
B.           Liberia
C.           Senegal
D.           Sierra
Answer: option A
Solution: the referendum to extend the rule of African president Alpha conde was held recently in the West African country of Guinea, and residents come out to vote aimed the corona virus scare. if the referendum as in favour of the president, it will allow him to govern for 12 more years.
43.         What is the theme of World Meteorological day 2020?
A.           World and water
B.           Climate and water
C.           Humans and water
D.           Water: sustainability into the future.
Answer: option B
Solution: the world meteorological Day celebrated on 23 March every year and the theme of World Meteorological day 2020 is climate and water which is aligned with the World Water Day theme celebrated on 22 March.
44.         Which of the following countries will be the first post share with India for the variation for disaster resilient infrastructure?
A.           USA
B.           FRANCE
C.           UK
D.           Bhutan
Answer: option C
Solution: the Global coalition  for disaster resilient infrastructure which is led by India, will be co-chaired by the United Kingdom Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi established the Global Corporation for disaster resilient infrastructure during the 2007 G20 meet.
45.         What was the theme of global recycling day held on March 18?
A.           Recycling heroes
B.           Recycling into the future
C.           Recycling for a better tomarrow
D.           Recycling to keep the present
Answer: option A
Solution: Global recycling day is celebrated every year on 18 March and the theme of DoubleTree second day 2020 is” recycling heroes” according to the United Nations recycling help to say 700 million tons of carbon dioxide every year.
46.         Which space agency will send astronauts to the International Space Station in May 2020?
A.           ISRO
B.           ESA
C.           Blue origins
D.           SpaceX
Answer: option D
Solution: United States based private space agency space X founded by Elon Musk, will send astronauts for the first time in me to the International Space Station. for the first launch of the crew would be on a Falcon 9 rocket which will transport NASA astronauts long and Bob Benken to the station.
47.         Who will held the covid 19 economic response task force?
A.           Home minister
B.           Finance minister
C.           Defence minister
D.           Prime minister
Answer: option B
Solution: in the wake of the corona virus pandemic, the prime minister has announced that covid 19 economic task force will be set up under the leadership of the union Finance Minister. The task force will stay in touch with all the stakeholders and receive their feedback and work towards minimising the effect of coronavirus in the country.
48.         With which country did India conducted a patrol from reunion Island?
A.           USA
B.           UK
C.           FRANCE
D.           Italy
Answer: option C
Solution: To expand its presence in Indian ocean and to improve engagement with. Partners ,India and France recently conducted joint patrols from the reunion Island the focus of the exercise was mainly from the East Africa coastline to malacca Strait.
49.         The Assembly of which state has approved the bill on caste validity certificate?
A.           Gujarat
B.           Karnataka
C.           Maharashtra
D.           West Bengal
Answer: option C
Solution: Maharashtra assembly approved a bill to allow gram panchayat members to submit their caste validity Certificate online 9th March the bill will ensure that the Aspiring candidates or not be had from contesting the elections if they do not have a caste validity certificate.
50.         Which golfer will be introduced in the world Golf Hall of Fame as a first member of the class of 2021?
A.           Tiger woods
B.           Jeev milkha Singh
C.           Paul Casey
D.           Gary woodland
Answer: option A
Solution: Tiger Woods have been inducted in the world Golf Hall of Fame as the first member of the class of 2021. The Tiger Woods has 93 worldwide events including a record -tying 82 on the PGA tour 15 time major champion and three time winner of the career Grand Slam.