Important GK Questions for SSC CGL 2020: 10th March

SSC CGL GK Questions
1. Which state government declared coronavirus as “state calamity" ? 
A. Bihar 
B. Kerala 
C. Telangana 
D. Andhra Pradesh  
Answer : B. Kerala 
Solution : The Kerala government has declared a novel coronavirus epidemic as a “ state calamity" after three people were tested positive for the infection. The present chief minister of Kerala is Pinarayi Vijayan and the governor is Arif Mohammed khan.

2. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed by CSIR-CFTRI WITH APEDA to set up a Liaison office in which city? 
A. Guwahati 
B. Nagpur 
C. Pune 
D. New Delhi 
Answer : option A 
Solution : APDEA ( agricultural and processed food products Exports development Authority) Signed MOU with CSIR-CFTRI (council of scientific and industrial research central food technological research institute) to provide technical support to the food industries in the North East region. it will set up a Liaison office in Guwahati, Assam . It will benefit the farmers , producers and entrepreneurs.  
3. In which city  the arts festival Kala Ghoda kicked off ? 
A. New Delhi 
B. Nagpur 
c. Mumbai 
D. Ahmedabad 
Answer : option C  
solution : The art festival Kala Ghoda started in Mumbai. In its 21st edition this year the annual art extravaganza is with the bigger , tighter section of vibrant events .it is a nine- day treat of installations, artworks, craft exhibition, litreature, culinary workshops, children’s activities, theatre, dance shows , and music performances. The 21st edition of kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) has been entirely crowdfunded using the platform ketto. 
4. Who has became the 1st deaf person to row across the Atlantic ocean? 
A. Mo O’Brown 
B. Frank Samuelsen 
C. George Harbo 
D. John Fairfax 
Answer : option A 
Solution : 60-years- old pharmacy worker, Mo O'Brien has become the 1st deaf person to row across the Atlantic ocean. Mo O'Brien rowed around 3000 miles with her daughter bird watts and their friend Claire Allison 
5. World cancer day observed on which day ?
A. 3 February  
B. 4 February  
C. 6 February  
D. 1 February 
Answer : option B 
Solution : world cancer day is celebrated on 4th February to raise awareness about cancer., its prevention , and treatment. It is organised by the union for international cancer control ( UICC) this year’s theme for world cancer day is “I am and I will “.