Grama Sachivalayam Syllabus for Village Fisheries Assistant Posts

Syllabus for Village Fisheries Assistant
Dear Students, we are sharing Grama Sachivalayam Syllabus for Village Fisheries Assistant Posts with exam pattern in details.

Written Examination
No. of Questions/No. of Marks/Time Duration
Part-A: General Studies and Mental ability
Part-B: Biology of fish and prawn, Aquaculture, Seed r production, Pond management, Fish and Prawn feed management, Marine Fisheries, Gear and craft, Health management, post-harvest technology, Fishery Economics 
Total Questions-
“For each correct answer 1 mark will be awarded and each wrong answer will carry 0.25 negative mark.”
General Studies and Mental ability-
1. General Mental ability and reasoning.
2. Quantitative aptitude including data interpretation.
3. General English.
4. Current affairs of regional, national and International importance.
5. General Science and its applications to the day to day life, Contemporary development in science and Technology and information Technology.
6. History & Culture of India with specific focus on AP.
7. Indian polity and governance: constitutional issues, 73/74th Amendments, public policy, reforms ad centre – state relations with specific reference to Andhra Pradesh.
8. Society, Social justice, rights issues.
9. Physical geography of Indian sub-continent and Andhra Pradesh.
10.Key welfare & development schemes of Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Subject Paper Syllabus-
I. Taxonomy, Ecology and biology of fish and prawn
1. External Morphology of fish and prawn
2. Taxonomy of commercially important fishes and prawns
3. Fish pond ecology-pond ecosystem, food chain, Ecological pyramids. Abiotic and Biotic factors of pond.
4. Anatomy and physiology of fish and prawn (Digestive system, respiratory, Circulatory, Excretory and Reproductive system)
II. Aquaculture
1. Principles of Aquaculture
2. Fresh water aquaculture systems
3. Brackish water aquaculture systems
4. Sea weed culture, Air-breathing fish culture
5. Integrated aquaculture 6. Advanced aquaculture, RAS, Biofloc
III. Seed production of fish and prawn
1. Brood stock management
2. Induced breeding of fish and prawn
3. Fish and prawn Hatchery management
IV. Pond Management
1. Fish farm layout, design and construction
2. Water and soil quality management
3. Nursery, Rearing and culture pond Management
4. Routine pond management (Daily and monthly management)
V. Fish and Prawn Feed Management
1. Food and feeding habits of fish and prawn
2. Natural and Artificial feeds, feed management in culture ponds
3. Feed Conversion ratio, Biological values.
VI. Marine Fisheries:
1. Marine Resources of Andhra Pradesh
2. Tides, Currents, waves, monsoons, continental shelf, upwelling & sinking
3. Important marine fishery; coastal, offshore & deep sea species
4. Importance of by-catch Reduction Devices Turtle Excluder Device
5. Conservation of marine Turtles & mammals
6. Sea safety & Navigational equipment
7. Registration of marine Fishing Craft
8. Fish Landing Centres, Fishing Harbours Management
9. Marine Fishing ban period
10. Coastal Security- MFR Act, MS Act.
VII. Fish and Prawn health managements
1. Fish and Prawn diseases
2. Control measures of fish and prawn diseases
VIII. Gear and Craft Fishing Methods
1. Types of crafts and gears used in capture fishery
2. Different types of gear materials
3. Fabrication and preservations of fishing gears
IX. Post harvest Technology
1. Fish and prawn processing and preservation
2. Quality control 3. Value added fish products
X. Fishery Economics
1. Different types of fish markets and marketing channels
2. Fisherman co-operative societies and their functions
3. Fisheries institutions, Government schemes and policies
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