SSC CPO 2019 Paper 1 Exam Analysis and Question Asked: 9,11,12 and 13 December 2019

SSC CPO 2019 Paper 1 Exam Analysis
Dear Students, SSC CPO 2019 Paper 1 online examination conducted on 9,11,12 and 13 December 2019. We are sharing Exam Analysis and Question Asked.
Topics Asked in SSC CPO Reasoning(Level-Easy)-
Venn Diagram
Embedded Figures
Figure Counting

Paper Cutting and Folding
Direction Sense Test est
Mirror Image
Number Series
Words arrangement in logical and meaningful order
Topics Asked in SSC CPO General Awareness(Level-Easy)-
Static GK
Current Affairs
Topics Asked in SSC CPO Quantitative Aptitude(Level-Easy)-
Heights and Distances
Profit, Loss & Discount
Speed time and distance
Time & Work
Boats & Streams
Remainder Divisibility
Data Interpretation
Topics Asked in SSC CPO English(Level-Easy)-
Filling in the blanks
Spellings Correction
Sentence Completion
Reading Comprehension
Idioms & Phrases
One Word Substitution
Synonym and Antonym
Questions Asked in SSC CPO Paper 1 on 9th December 2019-
Animal Husbandry comes under which of the following lists___________? Correct Answer is- State List
Who became the Nawab of Bengal after the death of Alivardi Khan___________? Correct Answer is- Siraj ud-Daulah
Which of the following relationship is applicable in case of normal goods___________? Correct Answer is-
What is the covering of roots of the tooth called___________? Correct Answer is- Cementum
Which of the following is known as Fool’s Gold___________? Correct Answer is- Iron Pyrite
When did King George V come to India___________? Correct Answer is- 1911
How many tiers are present in Panchayati Raj___________? Correct Answer is- Three
To whom does the President submit his resignation to___________? Correct Answer is- Vice President
Which of the following laws is used to store Soda in the bottle___________? Correct Answer is- Henry's Law
Who has written the book “A Century is Not Enough: My Roller-coaster Ride to Success (2018)”___________? Correct Answer is- Sourav Ganguly
Who has become the rst Indian female to be appointed to the ICC International Panel of
Match Referees___________? Correct Answer is- GS Lakshmi
Which of the following is the outermost layer of the atmosphere___________? Correct Answer is- Exosphere
What is the junction of Small intestine and Large intestine called___________? Correct Answer is- CAECUM
Questions Asked in SSC CPO Paper 1 on 11th December 2019-
According to the ISFR reports, which of the following states has the largest forest covers___________? Correct Answer is- Madhya Pradesh
Hirakud dam is situated on which river___________? Correct Answer is- Mahanadi River
Which state is the highest producer of pulses in India___________? Correct Answer is- Madhya Pradesh
How many times has India won the cricket U-19 world cup___________? Correct Answer is- 4
Who won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1968___________? Correct Answer is- Harivansh Rai Bachchan
Jivaka was the physician in whose court___________? Correct Answer is- Bimbisara
When did battle of Buxar take place___________? Correct Answer is- 1764
Which of the following option states the motion of a pendulum___________? Correct Answer is- Simple Harmonic Motion
Kabini river is a tributary of which of the following Rivers___________? Correct Answer is- Kaveri
When is Ozone day celebrated___________? Correct Answer is- 16 September
Who among the following was the only President to resign from INC President Post___________? Correct Answer is- SC BOSE
Where does the conuence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi occur___________? Correct Answer is- Devprayag
Which of the following personalities has received the Saraswati award in 2018___________? Correct Answer is- K Siva Reddy
Which movie has been awarded as the Best movie at the IIFA 2019___________? Correct Answer is- Raazi
Which of the following movies has been nominated for the Oscars in 2019___________? Correct Answer is- Gully Boy
Which of the following is not a fundamental right___________? Correct Answer is- Right to property
What does T stand for in NITI Ayog___________? Correct Answer is- Transforming
What is the maximum amount of loan that can be sanctioned under MUDRA scheme___________? Correct Answer is- 10 Lakh
In which year, the World Trade Organization (WTO) was established___________? Correct Answer is- 1 Jan 1995
Which of the following does not come under Part IV of the constitution___________? Correct Answer is-
Age of mammals belongs to which of the following Era___________? Correct Answer is- Cenozoic
The Sultan of Johor Cup related to which game___________? Correct Answer is- Hockey
Questions Asked in SSC CPO Paper 1 on 12th December 2019-
Along with which country India has developed a Robot name Pepe Robot___________? Correct Answer is- United Kingdom
Sarhul is the folk dance of which of the following states___________? Correct Answer is- Jharkhand
Which River originated from Mahabaleshwar___________? Correct Answer is- Krishna
The largest producer of mica___________? Correct Answer is- Andhra Pradesh
Second populous state in India___________? Correct Answer is- Maharashtra
Who is elected unopposed president of BCCI in 2019___________? Correct Answer is- Saurav Ganguly
What is present inside the nucleus and cytoplasm___________? Correct Answer is- Protoplasm
The internal emergency under article 356 can be implemented on whose advice___________? Correct Answer is- Governor
Who founded the Gurmukhi script___________? Correct Answer is- Guru Angad
Lakshya Sen is associated with which sport___________? Correct Answer is- Badminton
Which article deals with impeachment of president___________? Correct Answer is- Article-61
Which organization gives golden goalkeeper award___________? Correct Answer is-- Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Questions Asked in SSC CPO Paper 1 on 13th December 2019-
Peninsula is covered from how many sides___________? Correct Answer is- 3 Sides
What is the pH range of Human body___________? Correct Answer is- pH 7.40
Who started the revolt from the Faizabad district in 1857___________? Correct Answer is- Maulvi Ahmedullah
The periodic table was discovered by___________? Correct Answer is- Dimitri Mendeleev
Article 148 is related to___________? Correct Answer is- CAG
Scientific symbol of Potassium ___________? Correct Answer is- K