SSC MTS 2019 General Awareness Questions with Answers

SSC MTS GK Questions: Dear Students, we are sharing SSC MTS 2019 General Awareness Questions with Answers asked on 8th August 2019 in the shift 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM.
Q.1 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank headquarter is located in which city?
1. Philippines
2. Gurugram
3. Shanghai
4. Beijing

Q.2 What is Cryptogamae?
1. Plants having covered seeds
2. Flowering plants
3. Non-flowering plants
4. Plants having uncovered seeds
Q.3 The ratio of the length to the height (width) of the national Flag shall be?
1. 3 : 1
2. 4 : 1
3. 4 : 2
4. 3 : 2
Q.4 Who was the first women Chief Minister of an Indian state?
Options- 1. Indira Gandhi
2. Sucheta Kriplani
3. Sarojini Naidu
4. Mamta Banerjee
Q.5 According to Census 2011, which of the following states has the highest density of population in India?
1. Uttar Pradesh
2. West Bengal
3. Bihar
4. Maharashtra
Q.6 India’s foreign reserves does NOT consist of which of the following?
1. Gold
2. Carbon Bonds
3. Reserve Tranche Position (RTP)
4. Special Drawing Rights (SDR)
Q.7 National waterway No.2 is located on which river?
1. Brahmaputra
2. Ganga
3. Cauvery
4. Mahanadi
Q.8 Which of the following Jyotirlingas is in Maharashtra?
1. Mahakaleshwar
2. Baidyanath
3. Grishneshwar
4. Malikarjuna
Q.9 Which of the following sportspersons has received the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna’ Award?
1. Gita Phogat
2. Saina Nehwal
3. Deepika Kumari
4. Kapil Dev
Q.10 Who was the organizer of revolt of 1857 in Bihar?
1. Bahadur Shah
2. Nana Sahib
3. Maulvi Ahmadullah
4. Kunwar Singh
Q.11 Deepika Kumari is associated with which Sport?
1. Archery
2. Squash
3. Swimming
4. Badminton
Q.12 "Healthy States, Progressive India" Report has been published by which of the following institution?
1. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
2. World Health Organization (WHO)
3. United Nations
4. Niti Aayog
Q.13 The Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution does NOT exercise its control to the tribal areas of which of the following state?
1. Manipur
2. Tripura
3. Assam
4. Meghalaya
Q.14 Botanical Survey of India (BSI) Headquarter is located in which city?
1. Assam
2. New Delhi
3. Kolkata
4. Bhopal
Q.15 1 pound = _____ ounces
1. 16
2. 18
3. 12
4. 20
Q.16 Which of the following is NOT a feature of Eukaryotic cell?
1. Nucleus well organized
2. Mitochondria present
3. Chloroplast absent in plant cells
4. Nuclear membrane present
Q.17 The World famous Borobudur Temple is situated in:
1. Vietnam
2. Indonesia
3. Cambodia
4. Japan
Q.18 GST is NOT applicable on which of the following goods or services?
Options- 1. Automobiles
2. Salon services
3. Restaurant services
4. Alcohol
Q.19 Which of the following Indian rulers was defeated by Mahmud Ghazni in his first attack in the year 1000 AD?
1. Chandra Pala
2. Anand Pala
3. Jaya Pala
4. Sukh Pala
Q.20 "Neel Darpan" was written by Dinbandhu Mitra to portray the oppression faced by peasants to grow indigo in:
1. Madras
2. Assam
3. Gujarat
4. Bengal
Q.21 Minamata Convention is signed to tackle the issue of:
1. Nuclear radiations
2. Ozone gas
3. CFC and HFC
4. Mercury
Q.22 Inter-State Council was set up by the recommendation of which committee?
1. Sarkaria committee
2. Y V Reddy Committee
3. TSR Subramanyam committee
4. Chandrababu Naidu committee
Q.23 Mawsynram is located on which hills of Meghalaya?
1. Garo
2. Jaintia
3. Diphu
4. Khasi
Q.24 Who among the following takes part in election of the President of India?
1. Elected Members of both the houses of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies of the states.
2. Elected and nominated members of both the houses of Parliament.
3. Elected members of both the houses of Parliament only.
4. Elected and nominated members of both the houses of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies of the states.
Q.25 National Youth Festival is celebrated on the birth anniversary of which of the following personalities?
1. Milkha Singh
2. Chandrashekhar Azad
3. Bhagat Singh
4. Swami Vivekanand