Puzzles for IBPS RRB PO Mains 2019 | 16th September 2019

IBPS RRB PO Mains 2019 Puzzles:
Directions(Q1-Q5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that given below.
Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F who are wearing Orange, Silver, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow coloured t-shirts are driving different cars - Verna, City, SX4, BMW, Alto and Thar not necessarily in that order. These persons had participated in a car racing competition at the end of which each of them secured different ranks. It is also known that:

(i) F secured 4th position and was driving City.
(ii) The person wearing blue coloured t-shirt was driving BMW and didn’t secure 2nd position.
(iii) D wearing Silver coloured t-shirt was not driving Verna or Alto and he was not ranked 1st.
(iv) The person wearing green coloured t-shirt was ranked 6th and he was driving Alto.
(v) The person who secured 3rd position was driving Thar.
(vi) The person who secured 1st rank was driving SX4 and he was not wearing Orange or red coloured t-shirt.
(vii) A was wearing yellow coloured t-shirt while F was not wearing red coloured tshirt
Q1. What is the colour of F's t-shirt?
A) Blue
B) Orange
C) Green
D) Red
E) Cannot be determined
Q2. Who secured the 1st rank?
A) A
B) C
C) E
D) B
E) Cannot be determined
Q3. If the t-shirts of the persons are arranged in the increasing order of ranks (rank 6 to 1), then which of the following is true?
A) Yellow, Red, Silver, Orange, Blue, Green
B) Silver, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue
C) Green, Blue, Orange, Silver, Red, Yellow
D) Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, Silver
E) None of these
Q4. If C was not driving BMW or Alto, then who was wearing Red coloured tshirt?
A) D
B) E
C) F
D) C
E) Cannot be determined
Q5. Which car is driven by A?
A) Verna
C) Alto
D) SX4
E) None of these
Q1– B
Q2– A
Q3– C
Q4– D

Q5– D