SSC MTS Exam Analysis & Questions Asked 2019 | 5th August | All Shifts

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2019
Dear Students, SSC MTS 2019 Online Examination is scheduled today on 5th August 2019 in three shifts. We are to share all shifts detailed exam analysis and questions asked as the shift gets completed.
SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2019(5th August - 1st Shift):
English Language & Comprehension(Easy to Moderate):
Sentence Improvement-2 Questions asked
One Word Substitution-2 Questions asked
Idioms-2 Questions asked

Cloze test-5 Questions asked
Vocabulary (Synonyms & Antonyms)-5 Questions asked
Spellings-3 Questions asked
Error Recognition-3 Questions asked
Others-3 Questions asked
General Awareness(Moderate):
Geography-3 Questions asked
Current Affairs-5 Questions asked
Imp. books, Awards, Days, Festival-4 Questions asked
History-4 Questions asked
Polity-3 Questions asked
Others-6 Questions asked
Quantitative Aptitude(Moderate):
Mensuration-2 Questions asked
Data Interpretation- 3 Questions asked
Speed, Time & Distance-3 Questions asked
Profit, loss & Discount-2 Questions asked
CI/SI- 2 Questions asked
Algebra-1 Questions asked
Time & Work-2 Questions asked
Simplication-2 Questions asked
Percentage- 1 Questions asked
Ratio & Proportion-2 Questions asked
Average-2 Questions asked
Others- 3Q Questions asked
General Intelligence & Reasoning(Moderate):
Embedded Fgures-1 Questions asked
Analogy-5 Questions asked
Odd one out-1 Questions asked
Classication-2 Questions asked
Series- 2 Questions asked
Blood Relations- 2 Questions asked
Directions Sense Test- 3 Questions asked
Mirror Image-1 Questions asked
Paper Folding-1 Questions asked
Coding-Decoding-3 Questions asked
Logical Venn diagram-1 Questions asked
Others-3 Questions asked
SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2019(5th August - 2nd Shift):
will update soon!
SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2019(5th August - 3rd Shift):
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Questions Asked in SSC MTS 2019(5th August - 1st Shift):
Spellings- Genuine, Intelligent.
Spelling Detect – Dilemma, Emphasize, Satellite
Which of the following is not the governor of RBI?
Where is the Diamond Museum situated?
The time trial is related to which in sport?
Who is the President of Slovakia
Sabad song is related to?
Question related to folk dances.
Australian tennis winner related question.
Which river falls in Arab Sagar?
Which element in water can cause cancer?
How many digits are there in a debit card number?
How many schedules in the Indian constitution?
Hindi National language comes under which article?
Which team won the Women World Cup 2019?
If Length, breadth height of a cuboid is 4, 5, 8 respectively. Find the total Surface Area?
If the diameter of a semicircle is 35 cm. Find the area of the curved surface.
What is the SI unit of power of a lens?
Slave Dynasty related question.
How many times an emergency is imposed in India?
Who is the minister of Water Resources?
Self Nutrition-related question.
Book written by Dadabhai Naraoji.
Chairmen of Lokpal Committee?
Longest coastline in India is?
What is wrong about Loksabha?
Where is Humayun’s Tomb?
Electrons were discovered by?
Logical Venn Diagram – Jupiter, Mars & Sun
Statements: No A is B, All C is B and Conclusion: No C is A, Some B are A.
Statements: Some cars are red, All yellows are red and Conclusion: Some yellow are car, Some Red are car SSC
Cloze Test – Obesity
Synonym – Immense, Impartial, Apprehend, Satire
Antonym – Gloomy
Who wrote the book “War in peace”?
What is the unit of Pressure?
Who was amongst the top 100 World’s most powerful woman list?
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Award 2018 was given to?
If the average of a,b,c  is 27 and an average of a & b is 27, then find the value of C?
The radius of sphere=radius of the cylinder. Find the ratio of TSA of a sphere to CSA of a cylinder.
If in a group, the ratio of boys to girls is 4:1. If the total number of candidates is 150 then nd the value of the number of boys and girls.
Average of the numbers 149 & 125 is?
Idiom – Be the cat’s whiskers, Bird of the same feather
Which dynasty was founded by Qutubuddin Aibak?
Who is the 17th Lok sabha speaker?
5th Sikh guru was?
Questions Asked in SSC MTS 2019(5th August - 2nd Shift):
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Questions Asked in SSC MTS 2019(5th August - 3rd Shift):

will update soon!
SSC MTS 2019 Cut Off(Expected):
Expected CutOffs
70 to 75
65 to 70
60 to 65
55 to 60
SSC MTS Cut Off 2016(Official):
Name of the Category
Official Cut Off Marks
Number Of Candidates Qualified
Ex S