New Maths Equation 8÷2(2+2)=? Goes Viral. Can You Solve It? - Check Here Step By Step Solution

Viral Maths Equation 8/2*(2 2
Dear Students, New Maths Equation 8÷2(2+2)=? goes viral on the internet. Its quite easy to solve, but still many people are answering wrong because of wrong operation method, they might be not knowing correct operation of maths simplification's BODMAS rule. We are sharing Step By Step Solution of this viral maths problems.
Viral Maths Equation: 8÷2(2+2)=?
Step By Step Solution:
Apply BODMAS Rule,
First solve the term present inside of the bracket i.e.(),
Therefore, 8÷2(2+2)=?
Means, 8÷2×4=?
Now Operate Division i.e. ÷,
Therefore, 8÷2×4=?
Means, 4×4=?
Now Finally operate multiplication i.e. ×
Therefore, 4×4=?
Means, 16=?
Hence, 8÷2(2+2)=16
So, 16 is the correct answer.
About BODMAS Rule:
B stands for Bracket
O stands for Of
D stands for Division
M stands for Multiplication
A stands for Addition
S stands for Subtraction
You need to operate as per sequence given above i.e B1, O2, D3, M4, A5, S6
About Bracket:
Here four type of bracket you may see-
Open Bracket i.e. ()
Curly Bracket i.e. {}
Close Bracket i.e. []
You need to operate as per sequence given above i.e ()1, {}2, []3

About Virnaculum / Bar:
If you see Virnaculum / Bar then you need to solve the item inside of Virnaculum / Bar.

Conclusion: Remember VBODMAS Maths Rule to solve such type of simplification maths problems.