Questions Asked in RRB Paramedical Exam 2019: 19th July 2019

Questions Asked in RRB Paramedical
Dear Students, RRB Paramedical 2019 examination is scheduled today on 19th July 2019. First slot is completed. We are sharing Questions Asked in today's 1st shift of RRB Paramedical Exam 2019
Q1. Fertilization of ovum takes place at _______?
Ans- Ampulla
Q2. The most frequent causes of maternal death during child birth_______?
Ans- Hemorrhage
Q3. LMP was on 01.09.2009, then EDD is on  _______?
Ans- 08.06.2019
Q4. Endomatrium after conception is known as _______?
Ans- Decidua
Q5. The reagent used for testing urine sugar is _______?
Ans- Benedict's Reagent
Q6. Fertilized ovum upto 3-2 weeks is called _______?
Ans- Embryo
Q7. Severe Vomitting in pregnancy is _______?
Ans- Hyperemesis gravidarum
Q8. The hereditary determinants of humans are recieved from _______?
Ans- Genes
Q9. Humans placenta develops at _______ month of pregnancy?
Ans- 3
Q10. Fusing of Sperms and Ovum is called _______?
Ans-  Fertilization
Q11. Injection TT is given to pregnant women to prevent_______?
Ans- Neonatal Tetatnus
Q12. How many pairs of chromosomes in a man _______?
Ans- 23
Q13. Average Birth weight of an Indian Baby is _______kg?
Ans- 3
Q14. Hypertensive disorder of pregnancy is _______?
Ans- Eclampsia
Q15. An infant sits alone momentarily by about _______ month of age?
Ans- 6
Q16. The ideal pelvis for child bearing is_______pelvis?
Ans- Gynaecoid
Q17. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before _______weeks of pregnancy?
Ans- 28
Q18. Positive signs of pregnancy is _______?
Ans- Foetal Movement
Q19. HCG can be detected in blood after conception as early as _______days?
Ans- 9
Q20. The causes of physiocology anaemia in pregnancy is _______?
Ans- Haemodilution
Q21. Normal Volume of amniotic fluid at term is _______ml?
Ans- 1000ml
Q22. Increased accumulation of cerebro spinal fluid in brain is _______?
Ans- Hydrocephalys
Q23. The foetal heart sound can be heared after _______month of pregnancy?
Ans- Ampulla
Q24. The average length of umbilical cord is_______cm?
Ans- 50
Q25. Human Foetus has a coat of hair called_______?
Ans- Lanugo
Q26. Hypoglycemia in a baby of diabetic mother is because of _______?
Ans- Increased Insulin
Q27. Site of Fertilization in female reproductory system is _______?
Ans- Fallopian Tube