RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis, Questions Asked & Expected CutOff: 22nd May 2019(All Shifts)

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis
Dear Students, We are sharing RRB JE(Junior Engineer) 2019 Exam Analysis of first stage Computer Based Test which is conducted today on 22nd May 2019, Wednesday. We are also sharing Questions Asked in this examination & Expected CutOff.

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis Subject Wise:
RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis for Mathematics(30 Questions Carry 30 Marks):
Simple Interest and Compund Interest: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Percentage: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Time and Work: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Time, Speed and Distance: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Average: 1 Question of Moderate Level
Trigonometry: 3 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Profit and Loss: 3 Questions of Moderate Level
Pipes and Cistern: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Geometry Circle based: 1 Question of Easy to Moderate Level
Problems on Age: 1 Question of Easy to Moderate Level
Data Interpretation(Pie Chart): 2 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Miscellaneous: 11 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis for General Intelligence & Reasoning(25 Questions Carry 25 Marks):
Coding-Decoding: 3 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Syllogism: 4 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Counting of Figures: 1 Question of Moderate Level
Series: 2 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Directions: 2 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level

Venn-Diagram: 3 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Calendar Problems: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Statement and Conclusions: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Analogy: 3 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Odd one out: 1 Question of Moderate Level
Mirror Image: 1 Question of Easy to Moderate Level
Mathematical Operation: 1 Question of Easy to Moderate Level
RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis for General Awareness(15 Questions Carry 15 Marks):
Current Affairs: 10 Questions of Moderate Level
Static GK: 5 Questions of Moderate Level
RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis for General Science(30 Questions Carry 30 Marks):
Physics: 9 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Chemistry: 13 Questions of Moderate Level
Life Science: 8 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
RRB JE 2019 Questions Asked(22nd May 2019 - 1st Slot / First Shift):
Q1. Floating Park of India is located in which State?
Q2. Who is the present DRDO Chief?
Q3. Who is the father of Genetics?
Q4. Where is the headquarters of Asian Development Bank(ADB)?
Q5. CEO Of ICICI Bank is?
Q6. What is the unit of Impulse?
Q7. Latitude of Equator?
Q8. ISO certication is received by which railway station in India?
Q9. Who is the President of World Bank?
Q10. Who is the writer of the book- "Year of Runways"?
Q11. In which year did New Delhi become the Capital City?
Q12. Where were Asian games held in 2018?
Q13. Name the actress who played the role of Sonia Gandhi in Accidental Prime Minister?
Q14. Which is the Cleanest Railway station of India?
Q15. Where is Wuller Lake?
Q16. Currency of Japan is ?
Q17. Who is the Chairman of AICTE?
Q18. Who is the CM of Karnataka?
Q19. Who is the Chairman of SEBI?
Q20. Where is the Capital of Denmark?
Q21. Who received the award of Best Actor in Oscar?
Q22. Who was the last ruler of the Mauryan empire?
Q23. What is the Full Form of BHEL?
Q24. What is the Full Form of  FSSAI?
Q25. What is the SI Unit of Work?
Q26. Where is the Capital of Japan?
Q27. Who is the Chief Scientist of WHO?
Q28. Cyril Ramaphosa is the President of _____?
Q29. What is the Full Form of UNHRC?
Q30. Tokyo is established at the banks of which river?
Q31. Chemical formulae of Washing Soda is ?
Q32. What is the total number of Lok Sabha seats in Punjab?
Q33. Which Chief Minister is known as ‘MAMA’?
Directions(Q34 to Q36). Find the missing number in in the following number series
Q34. 18,18,27,38,?
Q35. 23,29,37,47, 73
Q36. 2,9,25,36, ?
RRB JE 2019 Questions Asked(22nd May 2019 - 2nd Slot / Second Shift):
Q 1. What is the Formula of Ethanol____________?
Ans- 1. C2H5OH
Q 2. Which is the lightest metal____________?
Ans- 2. Lithium
Q 3. Black layer on silver is due to which chemical____________?
Ans- 3. Sulphide
Q 4. What is the formula of sindoor____________?
Ans- 4. Pb304
Q 5. What is the atomic no. of gold____________?
Ans- 5. 79
Q 6. Smallest gland in the human body is____________?
Ans- 6. Pituitary Gland
Q 7. Who gave the theory of survival of ttest____________?
Ans- 7. Herbert’s Spenser
Q 8. What is the total no. of metalloids____________?
Ans- 8. 7
Q 9. Who is the Chairman of ISRO____________?
Ans- 9. Dr. K.Sivan
Q 10. Dal lake is situated in which state____________?
Ans- 10. Srinagar
Q 11. What is the work of hydrometer____________?
Ans- 11. To measure Specic Gravity
Q 12. What is the unit of Sound____________?
Ans- 12. Decibel
Q 13. What is the range of platinum thermometer____________?
Ans- 13. From — 200° to 1000°C
Q 14. Which is the Longest river in Asia
Ans- 14. Yangtze
Q 15. Full form of PETA
Ans- 15. People of Ethical Treatment for Animals
Q 16. Who is the Chief Minister of West Bengal
Ans- 16. Mamata Banerjee
Q 17. Who is Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh____________?
Ans- 17. Jai Ram Thakur
Q 18. Capital of Peru____________?
Ans- 18. Lima
Q 19. Sabarimala Temple is located in which state____________?
Ans- 19. Kerela
Q 20. What is the Capital of Norway____________?
Ans- 20. Oslo
Q 21. Who is the education minister of Delhi____________?
 Ans- 21. Manish Sisodiya
Q 22. Who is the Chairman of ISRO____________?
Ans- 22. Kailasavadivoo Sivan
Q 23. Who is PC Ghosh____________?
Ans- 23. First Lokpal
Q 24. Mission Shakti is about____________?
Ans- 24. Nuclear Testing
Q 25. Who is the Governor of Uttarakhand____________?
Ans- 25. Baby Rani Maurya
Q 26. Which law of Newton is called also called Galileo Law____________?
Ans- 26. Law of Inertia
Q 27. Young India Book is based on____________?
Ans- 27. Gandhiji
Q 28.  Loksabha Election is held in how many phases
Ans- 28. 7 phase
Q 29. Mass is a vector quantity or scalar____________?
Ans- 29. Scalar
Q 30. 1st test cricket in India was held in which stadium____________?
Ans- 30. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
RRB JE 2019 Expected Cut Off:
Expected Cut Off
70 to 75
65 to 70
55 to 60
45 to 50