RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis, Questions Asked & Cut Off Expected: 23rd May 2019(All Shifts)

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis
Dear Students, We are sharing RRB JE(Junior Engineer) 2019 Exam Analysis of first stage Computer Based Test which is conducted today on 23rd May 2019, Thursday. We are also sharing Questions Asked in this examination & Expected CutOff.

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis Subject Wise(23.05.2019):
RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis for General Intelligence & Reasoning(25 Questions Carry 25 Marks):
Analogy: 3 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Odd one out: 1 Question of Moderate Level
Mirror Image: 1 Question of Easy to Moderate Level
Mathematical Operation: 1 Question of Easy to Moderate Level
Coding-Decoding: 4 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Syllogism: 3 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Counting of Figures: 1 Question of Moderate Level
Series: 2 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Directions: 2 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Venn-Diagram: 3 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Calendar Problems: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Statement and Conclusions: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis for General Awareness(15 Questions Carry 15 Marks):
Current Affairs: 9 Questions of Moderate Level
Static GK: 6 Questions of Moderate Level
RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis for General Science(30 Questions Carry 30 Marks):
Physics: 10 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Chemistry: 14 Questions of Moderate Level
Life Science: 6 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis for Mathematics(30 Questions Carry 30 Marks):
Number System: 2 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Mensuration: 1 Question of Easy to Moderate Level
Trigonometry: 3 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Profit and Loss: 3 Questions of Moderate Level
Pipes and Cistern: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Geometry Circle based: 1 Question of Easy to Moderate Level
Problems on Age: 1 Question of Easy to Moderate Level
Data Interpretation(Pie Chart): 2 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
Simple Interest and Compund Interest: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Percentage: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Time and Work: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Time, Speed and Distance: 2 Questions of Moderate Level
Average: 1 Question of Moderate Level
Miscellaneous: 8 Questions of Easy to Moderate Level
RRB JE 2019 Questions Asked(23rd May 2019):
Q 1. Name the the dance form of Orissa___________?
Ans 1. Ghumura Dance
Q 2. Who made Fatehpur Sikri___________?
Ans 2. Akbar
Q 3. Who is the father of Sanghmitra___________?
Ans 3. Ashoka
Q 4. Which is the 3rd Largest bank of India___________?
Ans 4. Bank of Baroda
Q 5. What is Article 29 and 30 related to___________?
Ans 5. Cultural & Educational Rights in Indian Constitution for Minorities
Q 6. Who is Chief Election Commission of India___________?
Ans 6. Sunil Arora
Q 7. Who is the Captain of CSK___________?
Ans 7. M.S Dhoni
Q 8. Who is the youngest player in T20___________?
Ans 8. Sundeep Jora
Q 9. When did 3rd Battle of Panipat take place___________?
Ans 9. 14 January 1761

Q 10. Who received the IIFA Best Actor Award___________?
Ans 10. Ranbir Kapoor
Q 11. Who is the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir ___________?
Ans 11. Satya Pal Malik
Q 12. Where is BHU located___________?
Ans 12. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Q 13. Two resistances of 6 Ohm and 3 Ohm are connected in series. What is the equivalent resistance___________?
Ans 13. 9 Ohm
Q 14. What happens when Light ray travels from air to glass ___________?
Ans 14. It bends towards normal.
RRB JE 2019 Expected Cut Off:
Expected Cut Off
70 to 75
65 to 70
55 to 60
45 to 50