Questions Asked in SSC CPO 2018: 13th March & 14th March 2019

Questions Asked in SSC CPO 2018
Dear Students, We are sharing memory based questions of of SSC CPO 2018-2019 Paper-I online examination conducted on 13th March and 14th March 2019. Overall difficulty level of first stage online examination was of moderate level.

Questions Asked in SSC CPO 2018: 13th March 2019-
Banabhatta was a member of which ruler's court?
Which dance is performed by the tribes of Goa during Navratri?
Nagaland was granted the status of a state under which constitutional amendment?
Tropic of capricorn does not pass through which of the given indian states
Which award was won by Namita Gokhale ?
Study of Fungi is known as?
Which state becomes the rst state to install Trafc robot on roads ? Pune
Which is the folk dance of Arunachal pradesh?
Antonym - Deterrant
When was battle of tarrain fought?
One word substitution- Belonging to the same kind or nature- Homogeneous
Karma dance is related to which state?
Garo tribe belongs to which state?
One word substitution- Government ruled by few people- Oligarchy
Synonym- Stingy
Antonym- Impeccable,Coherent
Out of the four options, which of the indian cities does not pass through tropic of cancer?
Which river is not a tributary of Indus?
Which is the smallest bone in Human body?
What percent quota is given to EWS under 103 Amendment?
Idiom- Donkey Years
Idiom- Icing on the cake
Phrase- Taken aback
Who won gold medal weightlifting in youth olympics under 62 Kg category?
Which schedule deals with the defection of Member of Parliament?
Which article is related to Uniform Civil Code?
Hypothalamus is an important part of ?
What is the unit of power of lens? Diopter
Which gas turns the lime water milky? Carbon dioxide
Who got Gandhi peace prize in the year 2016?
Panthi folk dance is related to which state?
Persea Armeniaca is the scientic name of which of the following fruit? Apricot
Andaman and Nicobar islands are a group of how many islands? 572
Folk dance of Arunachal Pradesh?
Where in Indonesia did 2018 Asian games take place? Jakarta-Plaemberg
Who is the current rail minister ?
Qutub-ud-din Aibak belonged to which dynasty? Slave dynasty
Which city's trafc police has launched robot to check trafc?
Idioms- Hit nail on head
Idiom- Get out of hand
Questions Asked in SSC CPO 2018: 14th March 2019-
Synonym- Synergetic
Idiom- Cut the mustard- come upto expectations
Who is the governor of Tamil Nadu? Banwari lal purohit
Number of medals won by India in asian games?
What is the prize money for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award? 7.5 Lakh
What is the term given to Non- Enzymatic Respiration?
What is the birth year of Arvind Ghosh? 15 August 1872
Which of the given books is written by Amitabh Ghosh? The Great Derangement;
Climate Change and the Unthinkable
Meera bai chanu was awarded with ?Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
In 1883, Ilbert Bill was passed. Who was the governor general at that time? Lord Ripon
In 1915 Gandhiji was given the title,' kesar-i-hind'. Who was the governor general at that time? Lord Lytton
SI unit of electrical resistance? Ohm
Which vitamin is obtained from sunlight? Vitamin D
Who was the fth sikh guru? Guru Arjun Dev
International girl child day is celebrated on ? 11 October
What was the theme of National women's day 2018? Balance for Better
Oxalic acid is found in which of the given options? Tomato
Tooth Enamel is made up of which substance? Hydroxyapatite (Calcium Phosphate)
Dronacharya Award 2018 was given to ? R. Gandhi Heera Nand Kataria G. S. S. V.
Prasad Brij Bhushan Mohanty P. A. Raphel Sanjoy Chakraverty Roshan Lal
A 1192 feet bridge was constructed on a river in Jammu & kashmir. Name the river on which it was constructed?-Chenab River
According to ISFR, which is the least green state in terms of forest cover?
Battle of Plassey was fought in which year? 1757
Antonym- Real