RPF SI 2018-2019 Exam Analysis - All Slots: 05th January 2019

RPF Exam Analysis 5th Jan 2019
RPF SI 2018 Online Examination is schedule today on 5th Jan 2019, Saturday. We will share Exam Analysis, Review, Question Paper and Answer Key of all shifts of today's exam. First slot get over at 10.30am , 2nd slot at 2pm and 3rd slot slot 5pm.

RPF SI 2018-2019 Analysis(5th Jan - 1st Shift):
a. General Awareness
Current Affairs: 15 Questions
Static GK(History+Geography+Civics+Physics+Chemistry+Biology): 35 Questions
Questions Asked:
Where is lepakshi template? Andhra pradesh
Where is Mariana Trench located?
One question related to the Modern Olympic games time period
Who has the supreme authority to amend citizenship?
Which of the following article is not related to the nance commission?
Where is Lothal city situated (Indus Valley)?
Which if the following is not related to GST?
Who is the chairman of NITI AYOG?
One question related to International Tennis Organization
Article for employment opportunities for resident of a state?
Condition for which president can exercise his powers?
Who can make laws for the political system in India?
Which grid pattern was observed in indus valley?
Mahayana' is a term related to which religion?
Who wrote kamasutra?
Hornbill festival is ccelebratedin which state?
Decathlon consists of how many events?
Who started the chishti order?
Which chlorine compound is released by soil used to treat typhoid?
What is the name of warm water current that rises in the Peruvian coast
Trans-siberian train connects Moscow with which city?
Out of the following states where tea valleys are not present?
Who is the chairman of the National Development Council (NDC)?
One question related to the bonding in two carbon atoms?
Relay term is associated with which sports?
One question related to Typhoid Disease.
One question related to Su Saint Alauddin Chishti?
Who invented X-rays?
Udhyog Aadhar Scheme is related to?
One question related to article (1-30).
Unit of Viscosity?
One question related to the body moving with uniform velcoity in a straight line.
Transfer of heat is measured by which device?
Who gave the slogan: Jai jawaan Jai Kisan
Medicine used for the treatment of Tuberculosis?
b. Arithmetic
Number System: 2Questions
Time And work : 3 Questions
Speed and Distance: 3Questions
Average And Percentage: 2Questions
Partnership: 2Question
DI : 3Questions
S.I, CI, Profit/Loss : 5Questions
Simplification: 3Questions
Ratio & Proportion: 2Questions
Geometry: 1Question
Misc : 9 Questions
Questions Asked:
Find product of two numbers if their LCM is 9017 nd HCF is 1?
c. General Intelligence & reasoning
Counting of Figures: 2 Questions
Water Image: : 1 Question
 Syllogism: 3 Questions
 Figure Completion: 2 Questions
 Calendar: 1 Question
 Coding and Decoding: 3 Questions
 Statement & Conclusion: 4 uestions
Distance and Direction: 2 Questions
 Blood Relation : 2 Questions
 Seating Arrangement: 2 Questions
Others: 11 Questions
Questions Asked:
2018: 22 :: 2022: ??

RPF SI 2018-2019 Analysis(5th Jan - 2nd Shift):
a. General Awareness
will update soon
b. Arithmetic
will update soon
c. General Intelligence & reasoning
will update soon