General Awareness - GK / GA Questions Asked in IBPS PO Mains 2018 : 18th November

GA Asked in IBPS PO Mains 2018
Dear Students, We are sharing General Awareness - GK / GA Questions Asked in today's IBPS PO Mains 2018 Online Examination(18th November). GA section was of moderate level.

QUESTION NO.1. Name the PSBs has signed an agreement with CDSL?- Bank of Baroda

QUESTION NO.2. Which city has India's first government-run e-waste recycling plant?- Bengaluru

QUESTION NO.3. One was related to committee head of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

QUESTION NO.4. Name the state adopted "one person one car"- West Bengal

QUESTION NO.5. An emerging market economy describes a __________ that is progressing toward becoming more advanced, usually by means of rapid growth and industrialization- nation's economy

QUESTION NO.6. Digital India's allocation to __________ crores for the fiscal year 2018-19- Rs. 3073 crore

QUESTION NO.7. Train 18, India's first indigenously built engine-less train has Developed by- Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory (ICF).

QUESTION NO.8. name the app launched by BSNL recently?- Wings

QUESTION NO.9. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 10th edition of Defence Expo (DefExpo 2018) in _________?- Chennai

QUESTION NO.10. Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport located in __________?- Agartala (Tripura)

QUESTION NO.11. Busiest Airport 2017 by terms of traffic in the world is ___________?- Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Georgia)

QUESTION NO.12. Under which ministry the Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) and the Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) launched- Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS)

QUESTION NO.13. Top Five states comprising 70% exports is- Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka

QUESTION NO.14. Name the bank has announced the launch of its multi-option payment acceptance device "MOPAD"- SBI

QUESTION NO.15. I Am Not Afraid Of English'' Campaign Launched in ________?- Haryana

QUESTION NO.16. Govt banks on new MicroDot technology to check- vehicle thefts

QUESTION NO.17. Which state get cheapest drinking water?- Bihar

QUESTION NO.18. The government will take steps to boost exports of agriculture commodities which have the potential of reaching- $100 billion

QUESTION NO.19. Electoral Bond shall be valid for ________ days from the date of issue- 15 days

QUESTION NO.20. One asked from GDP.

QUESTION NO.21. Kharchi Puja is a Hindu festival of which state?- Tripura