Quadratic Equations Asked in IBPS PO Prelims 2018: 13th October

Quadratic Equations Asked in IBPS PO
Dear Students, We are sharing Quadratic Equations Asked in today's first slot of IBPS PO Prelims 2018 Online Examiantion. It was very simple to solve and compare. You must solve it, if your exam is scheduled in the next slots.

Directions(Q1 to Q5): In the following question, there are two equations (I) and (II). Solve the equations and answer accordingly:
Give Answer:
(c)x=y or relation can’t be established between x & y

Q1. Equation I: 2x^3 = square root of 256
Equation II: 2y^2-9y+10=0

Q2. Equation I: 6x^3-11x+4=0
Equation II: 3y^2-5y+2=0

Q3. Equation I: 3x^2+11x+10=0
Equation II: 2y^2+11y+14=0

Q4. Equation I: 2x^2+9x+9=0

Q5. Equation I: 12x^2+11x+2=0
Equation II: 12y^2+7y+1=0