Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains 2018(4th August) - Check Here

Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains
Dear Students, We are sharing Memory Based Questions which have been asked in today's SBI PO Mains 2018 Online Examination. Overall Question Paper was of Moderate to Difficult Level.

Questions Asked in Descriptive Test- Letter Writing & Essay Writing(SBI PO Mains 2018):

Letter Writing(150 Words):
1. You have to transfer money to your friend but the transaction failed. Write a letter to bank authority.
2. Write a letter to your manager to take subscription of some scholarly jornals and magazines so that employees can update themselves about the latest technology.
3. Food stored for a long period is sprayed with some chemicals which are generally carcigenic in nature. Write a letter to a concerned authority to tell them this can be harmful to our health.

Essay Writing(150 Words):
1. About BitCoins.
2. About Projects & Assignments given in School.
3. Monsoon creates havoc every year. Suggest some measures to makes the cities monsoon proof.

Questions Asked in Data Analysis & Interpretation(SBI PO Mains 2018):
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Questions Asked in English Language(SBI PO Mains 2018):
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Questions Asked in Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude(SBI PO Mains 2018):
One of the puzzle asked was almost same as given below:

Questions Asked in General / Economy / Banking  Awareness (SBI PO Mains 2018):
1-Who was the winner of Kabaddi league which was held in Dubai 2018? – India

2-Full form of N in NSDF guidelines issued by RBI – National Skill Development Fund

3-Union Budget corpus for operation greens

4-Tri Military Exercise held between India and which country? – Russia

5-Andres Iniesta (Football Player) who recently retired, belongs to which country? – Spain

In NSFR N represents for?

In HFI H represents for?




1. Who was the first CFO of RBI?

2. One question was related to Sunil Mehta Committee.

3. What does H stands for in HFI?

4. One question asked from Indra Exercise.

5. One question from Global Mobility Summit.

6. One question on TIES agreement.

7. YONO was launched by? -Finance Ministry

8. Kalidas award was given to which state?

9. Name the player who retired after FIFA World Cup 2018.

10. What does 'N' stands for in NSDF? - National skill development fund

11. Amangarh tiger reserve is located in? – Uttar Pradesh

12. Numaligarh Refinery Limited Public Sector oil Company is situated in? - Assam

13. First CFO of Reserve Bank of India – Sudha Balakrishnan

14. The winner of Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018 champion – India

15. Full form of N in NSDF – National(National Skill Development Fund)

16. Total Fund allocated for 'Operation Green' – Rs 500 crore

17. Tri Military Exercise held between India and – Russia

18. Andres Iniesta (Football Player) belongs to – Spain

19. The government has identified how many Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) for listing on stock exchanges in line with the Union Budget 2018-19? – 4

20. Which of the following country remains the top export destination for India? – US

21. AU Small Finance Bank will raise Rs. 1000 crore from Temasek, a global investment company headquartered in Singapore.

22. Name the Artist who was conferred the Kalidas Award. -Anjolie Ela Menon

23. Full form of NSFR – Net Stable Funding Ratio.

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Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains 2018 (4th August):

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