Questions Asked in RRB ALP 2018 | First Shift | 10.08.2018

Questions Asked in ALP 2018
Dear Students, We are sharing some meory based asked in RRB ALP 2018(First Shift) today on 10th August 2018. Total 75 Questions asked form GK , Reasoning & Maths Sections.

GK Questions Asked:
Who is the winner of Economic Noble Price?
Who is the co-founder of Spice Jet Airways?
Who was India's flag bearer at Rio Olympic 2016?
Harimau Shakti Military Exercise was held between India & which Country?
Neeraj Chopra is related to which Sport?
Who is the Director of CAG in India?
Vyati Scheme was launched by which Bank?
Fatehpur Sikri was built by? Akbar
NATO was established in which year? 1949
Which actress won PETA Person of the Year Award 2018?
Who is the winner of Economics Nobel Prize 2017?
Unnati Credit Card has been launched by?
Who is the winner of Economic Noble Price?
Harimau Military Exercise was held between which countries?
What is the chemical name of Vitamin C?
Chemical formula of Propane.
Which metal can be cut by knife?
Who invented Telephone?
What is the unit of force?
Name the central part of Flower?
What is the Atomic Number of Copper?
Noble gas configuration asked.
Question related to Helium & Carbon Atomic Number.
One question from periodic table.
Atoms in Ozone?
One question on nuclear fusion.
Mass= 0.5 Kg, Velocity = 4 M/s. Find Kinetic Energy?

One question related to Ph value.

Reasoning Questions Asked:
Will Update Soon

Maths Questions Asked:
Find the Mean of First Five Triangular Number? (1+3+6+10+15) i.e 35/5 = 7
A shopkeeper will get a profit of 10% if he will sell an article for Rs 440. Find the Loss% if he sold that article for Rs 370. 30 Rs Loss i.e 7.5% Loss