Questions Asked in RRB ALP 2018(Third Shift) | 09.08.2018

Questions Asked in ALP Online
Dear Students, We are sharing some meory based asked in RRB ALP 2018(Third Shift) today on 09th August 2018. Total 75 Questions asked form GK , Reasoning & Maths Sections.

GK Questions Asked:
Director of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)?
Which Indian actress plays role in Quantico?
Who is the current Cheif Minister of Telangana?
Owner of IPL Team Sunrisers Hyderabad?
National Game 2022 will be held in which state?
Who is the director of RAW?
Biggest church of Christians?
The Book "Things to leave behind" is written by?
Noble prize holder for economics?
One question on Bengal Partition.
Coating of zinc on iron is called?
One question from asexual reproduction in plants.
What is a tissue?
When a hammer is raised by a person, then which type of energy is there?
An object is placed between focus and center of curvature. The image formed in the plane mirror will be ......
The maximum number of electrons in m shell?
Who discovered Universal Gravitational Constant?

Reasoning Questions Asked:
Will Update Soon

Maths Questions Asked:
A wire is bent to make a square. The area of the square was given and students had to find the area of the circle which was reformed after bending square.
The value of x-1/x was given & students had to find the given expression value.