Questions Asked in RRB ALP 2018(Second Shift) | 09.08.2018

Questions Asked in ALP Test
Dear Students, We are sharing some meory based asked in RRB ALP 2018(Second Shift) today on 09th August 2018. Total 75 Questions asked form GK , Reasoning & Maths Sections.

GK Questions Asked:
Who is the current governor of Sikkim?
Who invented Helicopter? Igor Sikorsky
Which was the first country to implement GST?
Who has been awarded "Hridaynath Mangeshkar" award?
Who has received Vyas Samman award in 2017?
Which CM's father was Maharaja ( King )?
Who is the current CM of Karnataka?
Where was the Olympic 2016 was held?
The Paralympic winner in jumping (2018)
Dadasaheb Phalke Award is given in which field?
What is the total number of railway Zones? 16
Date of birth of Gandhi Ji?
Name the para-olympian who has recently been awarded Padam Shri?
Maitree Military exercise between which countries
Assamese cloned calf Sach gurav is born in..
Ramdev is which state's brand ambassador
One question related to NRC (National Register of Citizens)
Which  element is kept under kerosene?
One question related to Mirrors.
One question related to electric conductors.
One question related to Seychelles.
One question related to Mirrors.

Reasoning Questions Asked:

Maths Questions Asked:
cot^4+cot^2=3 then cosec^4-Cosec^2=
cube root 8, sq root 64, cube root 64 , sq root 8, which is not rational?