Saturday, August 18, 2018

Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims 2018: 18th August, 2nd Slot

Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Clerk
Dear Students, We are sharing some memory based questions asked in Second Shift of IBPS RRB Office Assistant(Clerk) Prelims 2018 Online Examination conducted today on 18th August.

Quant Questions Asked;

Q. 1500kg apple already in storage. Now 120kg were taken out and 75kg stored in daily.In 5 days how many kg were left?

Q. 98.24 + 71.76 + 28*3= ?

Q. A person cover 150 km in 5 hr then his speed increase 50% so what distance covered in 2 hours?

1) average of ABC IS 64
2) average of A And B Equal To 14 less than average of B AND C

Reasoning Questions Asked:

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